Birx: Donald Trump’s Negligence Responsible for 130,000 Americans’ Death

Donald Trump is always in the controversies that land him on the headlines of the news. Recently, he’s been receiving backlash for spreading the controversial claim that Biden won the election due to voter fraud. 

Recently, he’s been criticized by Deborah Birx, who served as Coronavirus Response Coordinator for the White House under Trump’s presidency in 2020-2021. She mentioned various ways in which the Trump administration failed to respond to the pandemic, which led to the death of over a hundred thousand Americans. 

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Trump Administration’s Pathetic Handling of Pandemic: Birx

  • The administration was sent early warnings regarding the virus in January and February, which is ignored;
  • The administration lied to the public about its severity;
  • Trump also supported other advisors who thought the virus isn’t a “reality”;
  • He was also lobbied by corporate CEOs to not invoke Defense Production Act;
  • He didn’t prioritize the health workers like doctors and scientists, sidelined them;
  • He scrapped the national testing plan the virus was causing havoc mostly in blue states at that time;
  • He didn’t promote the use of social distancing and masks;
  • He also refused to send free masks to every household in the nation;
  • Defeating the advice of social distancing by holding public gatherings;
  • Comparing it to the flu; He deemed it as “just the flu”;

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According to Deborah Birx, M.D., The pandemic was an unfortunate time in the history of the United States, and it also coincided with the 2020 Presidential elections, but the administration could’ve handled it better but it chose to focus on elections rather than saving lives. 

Birx believes the lives of more than 130,000 could have been saved had the administration worked swiftly with the public health department. 

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The pandemic took the lives of more than 735,000 Americans, out of that 300,000 died when Joe Biden took oath as the President. 

She also said, “I believe if we had fully implemented the mask mandates, the reduction in indoor dining, then getting friends and family to understand the risk of gathering in private homes, and we had increased testing, that we probably could have decreased fatalities into the 30-percent-less to the 40-percent-less range.

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