Disneyland Hikes Ticket Prices — on Some Days It Will Cost as Much as $164

Let’s be real, who hasn’t dreamed about a birthday weekend exploring the world of your favorite Disney characters, in the extravagantly beautiful Disneyland? Seeing real-life versions of all the fictional characters and enjoying the Disney-inspired merchandise. Nothing can be more perfect than this escape into a fantasy world and what more could we ask for, right?

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But looks like a trip to Disneyland, as good of a weekend plan as it sounds, won’t be too easy on the pockets anymore. The hustling cheerful place has introduced new prices for top tier packages and it will now cost an arm and a leg if you’re planning your first trip or even if you are a frequent goer to Disneyland. Well, money can’t buy happiness doesn’t seem to hold so true anymore, does it?

How much does a single-day Disneyland ticket cost?

Although increased prices are dependent on the duration of your stay even if you’re looking for a one-day stay the prices usually vary according to the popular days as a ticket on a day with a higher influx of people is generally priced higher. The starting price, $104, for a single day, single park stay remained the same but this is usually for the weekdays when a lot of people cannot visit and most children are busy with ongoing school sessions. 

Everything else however seemed to see a rise in prices. With the past five ticket categories, Disneyland has now introduced another price tier priced higher than the initial fifth category.

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The newest additional category includes a single-day ticket cost priced at a massive $164! That is almost 6.5% greater than the initial prices according to their travel website.


The resort is shifting towards a dynamic pricing method to cater to different budgets as it targets tourists and local visits throughout the year.

The theme park’s other ticket categories saw a more substantial increase as two-day tickets sore to high prices by 8.5%.

Why has Disneyland hiked ticket prices?

Fred Hazelton, a tourist planner for travel websites, interestingly pointed out that the hikes have been unusually timed. The usual pattern of ticket hikes in Disneyland is seen around January and February but like everything that has been affected by the pandemic the surge in prices can be to compensate the losses due to Covid 19 restrictions gravely affecting the amusement park’s business.

Another explanation for the sudden surge in ticket prices could be because of the increasing demand and as we know it an increase in demand means a surge in prices. Covid limited traveling and gatherings, as people isolated in their homes yearning for a chance to go out and normally enjoy their day-to-day activities which they heavily took for granted.

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So, it isn’t surprising that people are rushing to amusement parks and other public places to catch a gist of their once normal life again. But Disney had introduced a reservation system to regulate the crowd as healthy and safety parameters were a top priority. The reservation system is still in place and Disney reports it is now, “robust” but has proven to be helpful inaptly managing the park’s visitation to give a great experience to incoming guests

Does a trip to Disneyland now have more value with increased prices?

They also have an Annual Pass program but covid regulations required annual pass holders to make reservations in advance too. Even though we’ve seen the influx in prices Disney has announced they’ve sold out the “Magic Key” program which had additional benefits of discounts on food and more.

The Ticket prices aren’t going to be the only expensive part of your trip as parking prices have risen too. Even though prices have surged, there isn’t any additional value added to a Disneyland visit and you’re probably going to enjoy the same attractions at an increased rate. Hazelton advised that he would wait before planning a trip because it isn’t justified to be paying for less entertainment for the same dollar.

We’ll keep you updated on the happenings.


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