Ed Sheeran: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

The infamous Tiny Desk (home) concert series by NPR Music featured a very special musical guest, Ed Sheeran, in this week’s edition.  The concert series by the NPR music franchise was launched to cater to fans and people missing out on concerts with their favorite artists performing live.

The sheer thrill of first handedly experiencing a full arena jamming to your favorite vocals is hard to replace but the tiny desk’s cozy feels are the perfect alternative for a pandemic music fix. 

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Ed Sheeran can be seen sporting his own unique, trademark style dressed up in a hoodie and cargo pants paired with coveted sneakers as he stands amidst a background of bookshelves surrounded with impeccable world-class musicians to perform his five-song set.

As opposed to Ed Sheeran’s solo performances, the tiny desk’s performance was backed by a 15 people band set up by mastermind, Adam Blackstone who is also a critically acclaimed songwriter, director, and producer.

Unique Experience for Ed Sheeran

This was a very different experience for the British star, Ed Sheeran, as he is usually more accustomed to performing in front of a huge live audience, with his tremendous fanbase singing along to his well-versed song lyrics.

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But different doesn’t have to be bad and from the looks of the series episode, Ed seemed to enjoy himself in the library’s comfortable setting and even though he is more familiar with single-handedly rocking his live performances, the added touch of the band’s percussions, laced with Ed’s striking vocals undeniably turned it up a whole notch. 

The Five-Song lineup begins with the hit single “Shivers”

The award-winning singer gears up for the five-song performance as he amazingly begins with his single “Shivers” from the upcoming album titled “=” pronounced “equals” which will be released the forthcoming Friday, on 29th October through Atlantic Records. “Shivers”, the already successful song garnered immense love from fans which only seems to have been exemplified after the Tiny Desk’s performance.

Ed Sheeran: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
Ed Sheeran: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

The hit single seems quite different from the studio version as the band’s horns and backing vocals accompanied with Ed Sheeran in his element singing and strumming his guitar, make it sound all the more extraordinary. 

When the performance of “make it rain” began, the true spirit of the band’s contribution could be seen in full force as the band took care of the percussions and Ed Sheeran’s soulful voice became the pivotal point performance with the undeniably astounding vocal energy. After the fun performance, Ed Sheeran smilingly remarks that this was fun. And yes Sheeran, we gladly agree with you. That was fun indeed!

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Another upbeat song, “Overpass Graffiti” also from the upcoming “=” equals album was given a special debut performance. The song was an ode to never-ending love and its deep layers made Blackstone turn up his acoustic bass as he is seen enjoyably strutting along to the song’s vocals. He also concluded by saying that this was his jam. Well, we could tell!

The next performance on the list was the single from the upcoming album, “=” equals, named “Visiting Hours” which is dedicated to Ed Sheeran’s lost friend, Michael Gudinski who was also his mentor as he passed away in March. They manage to stupefy the audience by giving the songs a whole new dimension.

It was a definite treat for Ed Sheeran’s fans and it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that this tasteful music rendition was close in comparison and matched the energy of the live performance.

“Bad Habits” ends the performance

The 22-minute video closes with the last stellar performance of “Bad Habits”, a song based on reminiscing over past bad decisions and acknowledging them. We all have made our share of bad decisions so this song hits home.

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The performance must’ve been filmed before Ed’s Covid 19 diagnosis which Sheeran shared with the public on Sunday on his Instagram post as he talked about the unfortunate news and apologized if he disappointed anyone.

He went on to say that he might not be able to fulfill commitments that require in-person interaction but is looking forward to continuing with interviews or performances from home whenever possible. Ed also responsibly advised his fans to stay safe.

We don’t know about the SNL scheduled show but for the time being but tune in to the tiny desks video series featuring Ed Sheeran and sit back as their soulful voices titillate your senses in the most unique of experiences.

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