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Biden Seeks Votes for His $1.75t Plan: ‘let’s Get This Done’

“Let us get it done”, says the 46th and current President of the United States Joe Biden on his plans of conducting social services and climate change programs costing a hefty amount of 1.75 Trillion dollars. Officials believe that the project could reach similar greenhouse gas reduction figures as promised earlier.

Joe Biden and the Democrats

The former Vice President under Barack Obama and the 46th and present President of the United States, Joseph Biden, famously known as Joe Biden, is a member of the Democratic party. He is the oldest person to assume the office, at the age of 78. Since he has held command, he has been all in for his efforts for the advancement of climate policy.

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In October, he passed bills that are expected to reduce greenhouse emissions of the United States to up to 45% by 2030. The bill provides tax incentives for renewable energy and electric vehicles and demands a fee on methane emissions. Joe Biden’s effort extends to the projects like the one discussed in this article. 

Approval of the Senate

The President of the US says that he and the Democrats in the Congress have constituted a framework for his domestic policy that is “historic” to say the least. Biden still says that he needs the approval from his key colleagues to lock down the necessary votes to pass the Senate. The White House believes that the Senate will approve the bill with a 50-50 margin. Joe Biden approaches the House Democrats on Capitol Hill privately and makes it public in a speech at the White House on Thursday.

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Sadly, Biden’s speeches could not convince the coal-state Senator Manchin, who rejected the idea saying that the plan would be too “punitive” on providers that rely on fossil fuels. Manchin views the climate change programs as unnecessary government entitlements and suggests Biden focuses on the expansion of health and childcare. 

The 1.75 Trillion Dollar Project

“The package will change the lives of millions of people for the better,” says Joe Biden when asked about the 1.75 Trillion dollar plans of climate change programs. 

Climatic conditions have been a threat to the entire world and the US being such an important state holds a stance when it comes to the betterment of the climate. Joe Biden claims to shift the country’s energy requirements towards the clean energy forums. The plans of the President took a halt when Manchin disagreed. With 50% of the Republicans, now completely off the charts, Biden needs the support of all the Democrats to stand a 50-50 split win in the Senate.

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Officials are instead looking forward to new strategies to meet similar emission reduction goals with a plan that is also budget-friendly. The plans are to grant loans to the agricultural and industrial sectors so they could set up clean energy provisions and thus reduce greenhouse emissions. 

Financial Aspect

As the White House is zeroing in on the package, the question arises that where would the money come from. Biden has the answer to it, and that too, a quite smart one. Biden has his eyes on where the money is. He has targeted billionaires and large corporations to aid his big economic and social agenda. He has plans to endorse taxes on the assets of the money men and not their income.

Biden promised that his plans would not add a penny to the deficit. The “wealth tax” has faced a lot of criticism and opposition but under Wyden’s emerging plan, the tax would hit only 1000 wealthiest men of the US and that too, just to pay taxes on their non-tradable assets. The Republicans are not in favor of this plan and warn the government of a legal challenge.  

Joe Biden’s plans for a better climate have had certain hiccups down the road but Richard Neal says’ “ Our plans look better every day”. The Democrats hope to achieve an agreement by the end of the week. Biden hopes to get the deal done before the United Nations Climate Conference in Scotland so that he could represent the United States of America as the world leader on the issue. 

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