Biden: Pope Told Me that I should ‘Keep Receiving Communion’

According to the reports, there was a heated debate in the U.S. church over the sensitive topic of abortion. In recent times many U.S. citizens have fought for their right to abortion. In many states of America, women do not hold the right to abort a child. These happenings have incited a heated discussion on abortion rights all over the United States of America. People are demanding the right to treat their bodies whatever way they want. But due to law and order conditions, many clashes have taken place between people and the government. Moreover, the conflicts were between the government and people, but religious communities all over the U.S.A. are also involved in opposing the right to abortion.

How is Biden Involved in All of the Abortion Laws Scenarios? How is Responding to the Ongoing Situation?

President Biden has been facing a lot of pressure in the ongoing situation. It is becoming more and more complex daily for him to deal with all law and order situations. The recent event showed that president Biden received a lot of criticism from the conservatives at home and the U.S church hierarchy. Moreover, the U.S church hierarchy has also declined to provide him Communion, the sacrament of faith.

How Was the Meeting Between the Pope and Biden? What Did They Discuss Regarding the Abortion Law?

But the story is different on the other side. According to the news, it was reported that there were about 75 minutes long private meetings between president Biden and the Pope.

They both were sitting across the table, facing each other. Various topics were discussed between the two, including climate change, poverty, and the ongoing pandemic of the deadly coronavirus.

Keep Receiving Communion

Moreover, a video was released in which both were seen to be very pleased around each other. They were shaking hands warmly and smiling too while looking at each other. The duo also exchanged some gifts. The exchange of gifts was followed by a broader meeting which included the first lady and other top officials. President Biden’s meeting with the Pope was about 75 minutes which is twice the time of his regular meeting. All of the meetings were so engaging for him that he got late for his later scheduled meeting.

How Did President Biden Respond to the Meeting With the Pope?

After the meeting ended and the President left the Vatican, he was pretty pleased with all of the warm gestures that he received from the Pope. Upon asking about the meeting, he said that he had an extraordinary meeting. He further mentioned that Francis also prayed for him and blessed him for his rosary beads.

Which Side is Biden Supporting? What is He Facing for That? Is He Going to Receive the Communion?

Well, it is becoming quite confusing and unclear as president Biden was welcomed warmly. But President Biden received a lot of hate from other well-known bishops as he supported the right to abortion and same-sex marriage. Some of the bishops were so angry with him that they even denied giving him Communion.

But in the recent meeting, the story was quite different as President Biden told everyone that the Pope had called him a perfect catholic. Not only that, but the whole world also observed the warmth and the excellent attitude emanating between them. In President’s Biden’s own words:

“He was happy I’m a good Catholic”, and he “should keep receiving Communion.”

This meeting has raised several questions and made President Biden’s stance on the current issues quite difficult to dissect. People are still perplexed, wondering what side the incumbent President is on? Is he really in support of the right to abortion being claimed by women? Or there could be a whole surprising scenario that the Pope has understood Biden’s situation, and his take has changed? Until now, we only have this information at hand, and we can anticipate further clarification from Biden soon, but I guess we all have to wait and hope for the best.

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