Report: Spotify Overtakes Apple as Top United States Podcast Platform

Spotify and Apple, the major music streaming platform and tech giant respectively, have always competed when it comes to music and podcasts.

Although Apple always wins the battle with a loyal customer base of millions of people, it looks like things are changing! According to a recent report, Spotify has overtaken Apple as the top United States Podcast Platform! You can find out all about the report and its statistics down below. 

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The Edison Research

Spotify recently held its Q3 2021 earnings call during which it announced some pretty shocking news. The popular music app is now the No 1 podcast platform used by US listeners as confirmed by the company’s internal sources and the Edison Research report. 

The report also revealed US’s status as the largest global podcast market! Thus, being Number 1 in the states is a huge milestone and Spotify is going to make some major profits from its sizable investments in podcasts. 

Additionally, Edison Research is based on usage and not on several downloads as confirmed by specialists.

The data is taken from its Podcast Consumer Tracker which asks respondents “what platform or service do you use most to listen to podcasts?” 24 percent of the respondents used Spotify which put the firm in the first place! Apple Podcasts were used by 21 percent of the people while 18 percent of them used YouTube. 

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To make the report more thorough, Edison Research used data from 8000 weekly podcast consumers! Thus, there is no doubt that Spotify indeed has taken down the tech giant when it comes to podcasts! 

Spotify’s Customer Base

Although Spotify did not share the number of its podcast listeners, it did share some very exciting news with users!  The monthly active users of the popular music platform have increased by 19 percent over the year. It has gone up from 365 million last year to 381 million in 2021!

The premium subscriber number also went up to 172 million this year. This is a 19 percent increase from last year’s 165 million users. 

Emarketer Reports


eMarketer also shared its insight on Apple and Spotify’s competition. According to its data, Apple and Spotify podcasts have had almost equal numbers of listeners for quite some time now.

The company also predicted in September that Spotify will overtake Apple in 2021! Now that their prediction has come true, they’ve come up with one more! eMarketer has revealed that based on Spotify’s current consumer data, the US podcast listener’s numbers using Spotify will go up to 43.6 million by 2025! 

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Spotify’s Reaction to Being Number 1

When asked about their success, Spotify answered by saying that it has greatly improved its products! Thus, their success is based on hard work and lots of time-consuming efforts! 

“We started our journey three years ago in podcasting with a catalog of about 185,000 podcasts. And we were nowhere, compared to the largest players in the industry. Today, we have 3.2 million podcasts on the platform, a growth rate of over 1,500%,” commented Spotify CEO Daniel Ek.

He added, “So why did we succeed this fast? Well, our content investments have helped a great deal. But it’s also another proof point of the impact our platform improvements and product innovations are having on our business overall.

And the velocity of shipping matters — from the recent launch of interactivity and enhancements like polls and Q&A to the release of enhanced listening features and new original programming around the world.

We fought hard to gain new listeners. And our success is not attributable to just one thing, but hundreds, if not thousands, of improvements that we’re working on in parallel for the benefit of creators, users, and advertisers alike.” 

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Spotify Vs Apple- Who Is the Podcast Winner?

With a sensational content library and a plethora of new improvements, Spotify uses polls, Q and A capabilities, and much more to ensure customer satisfaction. The company offers various tools to podcasters including interactive features and podcast support.

Moreover, it also offers various enhancements for listeners to make podcasts even more fun! 

On the other hand, Apple is known to neglect its podcasts! However, in recent years, it has added a few new updates. Unfortunately, they haven’t been a great hit and both podcast creators and listeners are greatly upset with the tech giant!

Users have complained of “persistent bugs” and “error-prone content management system”. Thus, Apple needs to take focus more on its podcasts if it plans on taking back its position as Number 1 Podcast Streaming Platform.


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