Why Are Maga Supporters Chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ to Mock Democrats?

The Internet can sometimes become a pretty crazy place. Things get viral within no time and the meme culture has become a lot more widespread. Recently social media and the whole internet went crazy over the video which went viral.

People in that video seem to shout a slogan to support their favorite player but due to misunderstanding, a reporter reported that slogan into something extremely awkward. That awkward video is going viral all the way and people are also making a lot of memes over this incident.

How Is the Slogan “let’s Go Brandon” Related to Joe Biden?

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The slogan that people were chanting at the racing competition was to support their favorite player Brandon Brown. The slogan was “Let’s go Brandon”. This slogan has become the most common phrase for Anti- Biden people. They are using it to insult President Joe Biden.

Many prominent political personalities are responding to this slogan and some are even using this to disrespect Joe Biden. Republican Rep. Bill Posey of Florida was performing a speech and when he ended the House floor speech with a fist pump which was followed by this phrase. In his own words that 

 ‘Americans wanted Democrats to help so put America back where it was found and leave it the hell alone. Let’s go, Brandon!” 

Next on the list is Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas who tweeted the same phrase. 

Let’s Go Brandon

How Is the Slogan Connected to Nascar? What Does “let’s Go, Brandon” Mean

 Well, the place where this slogan originated was a racing car competition on October 2nd. It was a NASCAR race at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. Brown Brandon is a 28-year-old driver who has recently won the Xfinity Series. He was being interviewed by an NBC sports reporter.

People were as usual supporting their favorite player while chanting “Let’s go Brandon”. Because there was a lot of noise, a misunderstanding happened and the reporter reported something different. According to the reporter, the people were chanting “F*uck Joe Biden”.That very awkward video went viral like fire in Jungle.

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How People Are Using the Phrase “ Let’s Go Brandon” to Insult President Joe Biden?

  Last month President Joe – Biden was on a visit to support the vaccine awareness campaign. He was visiting Suburban Chicago to promote his vaccine -or- mandate. There a large crowd turned against him and started using the slogan “Let’s go, Brandon”.

But the interesting thing is that even pilots of Southwest announced Let’s go Brandon on loudspeaker but the investigation agency could not take that and started the investigation over the incident. 

Former President Donald Trump can also be seen using this slogan as an insult to current president Joe Biden. Moreover, South Carolina Republican Jeff Duncan also came forward to take part in this campaign Against Biden.

He wore a” let’s go Brandon” mask at the Capitol last week. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz did a pose with the sign saying “ Let’s go Brandon”

The story does not end here. Trump-supporting crew have gone wild. They have started selling merch for “Let’s Go, Brandon”.

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Who Came in Support of the “ Let’s Go Brandon” Campaign and Who Is Not Okay With It?

Many of the democratic leaders are not okay with it. According to them, it is quite disrespectful. 

When the investigation was started against the southwest pilot they remarked regarding the incident that what had happened was not right.

In their own words, they said that the airline takes pride in providing a welcoming, comfortable, and respectful environment and such behavior from any individual which is divisive or offensive is not condoned.”

But many on the other hand, like Veteran GOP ad maker Jim Innocenzi, seems to have no issue as he said: “Unless you are living in a cave, you know what it means,”. Moreover, he also mentioned if people want to use this, do it in a classy way or otherwise go away.


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