Opinion: Weaponizing Government Against Its Citizens

“He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.” – Declaration of Independence

Halloween is a time when one would hope to view horrifying creatures, terrifying events, and weird bustles in the movies, on TV, and across the neighborhood. However, this year, the scariest things are being discharged by the government and that’s not hinting towards a happy Halloween.

For so many years, it has been always governments have taken the lives of more people in comparison to wars, natural disasters, and diseases.

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The quote that has been mentioned above from the Declaration of Independence was specific to King George III, who was King of Great Britain and whose regulations headed to our Revolutionary Battle. Those statements could apply to the present president, President Joe Biden, along with an abundance of governors of the state and city mayors of parties of both the sides and judges regulating judicial legislating.

Unconstitutional rules that block first adjustment rights to gather and practice religion

President Biden is calling for a couple of hundred new IRS agents. Governors, state, and local health officials have formed unconstitutional rules that block first adjustment rights to gather and practice religion. Now, they are trying to do this out of terror, however, if the government begins to throw the book at individuals, either directly or indirectly, through employers’ pressure of eviction, they will efficiently tool up the government in protest of its very own residents.

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When Merrick “The Ferret” Garland, who is the US Attorney General, gave threats to attack the FBI to inspect parents for internal terrorism when they precisely stated their dissentient towards the decision taken by school boards to educate disruptive and stupid theses, this is tooling up government against its people.


When left-wing attorneys make use of grand justices to come into impeachments against police authorities in the use of force matters, something is unusual. The individuals who are identical with the criminal justice system, perceive that these prosecutors are gathering and strengthening their power to weaken the proactive police activity.

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According to consideration that people have for a grand jury impeachment to be prosecutorial incivility or idleness as it has been seen in many rulings, it bypasses an introductory hearing, where defense lawyers are entitled to participate. Police officers will be scared to take into custody if they are in distress of getting charged every single time, they have to make an application of force to get over resistance.

The Colorado hospital that denied implementing the life-saving operation

A woman was refused an operation for a life-saving kidney transplant as she and the donor she discovered would not get vaccinated, for medical and logical rationales. The woman stated that she would be tested but was scared that the vaccination would cancel out a few of the medications that she was already consuming.

On the other side, the donor had already caught COVID and had more than enough antibodies when compared with if she had taken vaccination and hence realized no requirement to get vaccinated. The Colorado hospital that refused to implement the operation on the unvaccinated patient and donor, referenced the mandate by the government for refusing to operate. Weaponizing such a rule can take the lives of innocent people.

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The Coronavirus has been a significant way out for the government to strengthen its bureaucracy against the citizens of our country. There are numerous small businesses, restaurants, bars, and gyms that have been shut as a result of the highly impacted with the covid-19 situation, never to resume.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of those business owners and workers have been laid off from their careers. A country whose government strengthens its resources in protest of its citizens can never be called a liberal country. Could our rivals have done better work of sabotaging a once-great nation?


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