Analysis: Wide Array of Opponents Prepare to Fight Biden Vaccine Mandate

The USA’s first COVID-19 vaccine mandate is supposed to be revealed by Biden’s Government in the coming week. This is likely to provoke a legal war in courts by the US President Biden’s wide array of opponents based on the probable charges which are scarcely used. The article is expected to center around the Biden Government’s authority over healthcare staff.

Joe Biden’s Executive orders

US President Joe Biden on the 9th of September released 2 administrative orders making it mandatory for the health care workers, federal staff and contractors to get them fully vaccinated. New orders were made for the large firms having more than 100 employees to make sure their staff is fully vaccinated or for those who have not so far gotten themselves a shot of the vaccine, must present a negative Covid-19 test result each week, to say the least.

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Those who failed to comply with the new requirements announced had to face a penalty of $14,000. As per an official from senior administration, the country’s two-third of the working personnel may get affected due to this. The orders are said to impact a total of around 7,000,000 of the country’s workers, laborers, healthcare, and paramedical staff.

Joe Biden Mandates Vaccine
Joe Biden Mandates Vaccine

Joe Biden in his statements addressing the 80 million unvaccinated population said that his government has been very tolerant of the situation but their tolerance has reached its peak. He further added that the denial by the unvaccinated people has proved to be very costly for the country. 

Biden getting sued by a wide array of opponents

Biden’s Government made such decisions that cost the lives of more than half a million population. The Government remained reluctant to impose laws making it mandatory for the people to get themselves vaccinated.

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Biden’s “summer of freedom” resulted in a spike in covid cases, as on 8th August, the total reported cases were around 36,068, whereas the next day on 9th August, the newly reported cases increased to 317,955, almost ten times increase. Due to his immature decision-making, a wide array of Biden’s opponents are questioning his administrative role, they are hinting at suing him and are calling his mandate ‘unconstitutional’. 

People belonging to all sorts of businesses, religions, thoughts, and companies are expected to provide resistance to Biden’s government and stop his mandate in the way. About 12 Republican state attorneys general have pledged to take all sorts of action and put all the efforts, including suing him to stop Biden’s mandate. About forty Republican lawmakers said that they are planning to provide a different challenge to the government. 

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Despite all the hindrances, the Government is putting a lot of effort into imposing the health safety requirements regarding Covid-19 through Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS).

Unvaccinated population and their provided reasons

According to a report published by KFF in August 2021, almost three in every 10 Americans are unvaccinated, their reasons provided usually vary. But the results of the survey provided a horrible insight into USA citizens’ seriousness in dealing with the pandemic.

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According to a survey, among the unvaccinated people, about 14% were the ones who did not believe in having any vaccine, their thought about it was unshaken and there seemed hardly a chance that there was any change coming in their minds regarding having a vaccination shot. Around 10% of the Americans were of the thought that they will wait for the results of the vaccination being done and then will decide whether to get a jab of vaccine or not. Their count has seen a decrease over the period.


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