$1,000 Monthly Stimulus Checks for Thousands of American Families: Will You Qualify?

The Covid 19 pandemic, which ensued major new concerns in an already problem-ridden world, continues. As we saw the norms across countries change, the pandemic brought with it fears and havoc like never before.

It will be long before we see the end of this disease but the virus has slowed down its massive spread as testing facilities and vaccination centers come into action. In early 2020, the pandemic outbreak took cities by storm pushing the government to implement lockdowns, and the economy was shut down.

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However, now the situation is not as severe. Despite the intensity of the pandemic toning down, there are still positive cases of the delta variant and Biden is staunchly advocating for Covid 19 vaccine administration. The health concerns regarding the pandemic aside it has also majorly impacted the economy leading to a rise in inflation and unemployment as businesses face closure due to the shrinkage in market share. 

Unemployment on the rise; Americans need government intervention

Despite the availability of jobs in certain sectors, unemployment is still on the rise and has surged with the pandemic. People are struggling with their financial security and running behind on bills after the end of the federal unemployment bonus in September. So, what can be done now?

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People are showing a growing interest in government programs after the pandemic that promise recipients a guaranteed basic income like the recent $1000 monthly stimulus checks. In pre-pandemic times, people disregarded these programs as the government’s luring tactics but can now see them bearing fruit.

Citizens expect the government to cater to health expenses resulting from the pandemic including testing and vaccinations. Ostensibly, the pummeling of businesses and local economies has turned people towards these government programs for stimulus checks and financial aid.

Fourth Stimulus Checks Update
Fourth Stimulus Checks Update

People are still divided about the steps the government has taken to curb the underlying effects of the pandemic and whether they were appropriate or efficient enough. People are now relying on government intervention to deal with the drastic changes that have altered their day-to-day lives and most importantly jobs and working hours.

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Those who couldn’t shift their mode of work to remote were faced with the adverse aftermath of the growing imbalance with covid restrictions. Any financial aid or stimulus checks by the government are a saving grace.

$1000 Monthly stimulus checks as financial aid

Los Angeles is launching a recently approved government income program and Chicago and Ann Arbor are pondering over doing the same thing, most likely to be next in line.

This will be the biggest experiment in America as a 40 million dollar sum has been approved by the city council for the Basic Income guaranteed: Los Angeles Economic Assistance Pilot program. This will provide 3000 families who are poverty-stricken with monthly $1000 stimulus checks for 12 months. 

Who can qualify?

The residents can qualify as their website bigleap.lacity.org has started taking applications through November 7. The program will select 3000 houses randomly from the submitted applications and they will receive their monthly $1000 payments.

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The councilman Curren Price has said that the idea of a guaranteed basic income which will incorporate $1000 monthly stimulus checks had been going on for some time but the action towards it has gotten serious as the country’s poverty condition was further struck by a pandemic blow, giving rise to racial disparities and more social injustice. Curren hopes that this pilot program for $1000 monthly stimulus checks is established at a state and federal level too.

The support for $1000 monthly stimulus checks has been varying while some believe that families deserve the additional help from the government so they can securely manage house expenses and their basic needs decreasing the length of recession and others believe that the payments haven’t been enough.


  1. I am on SSI and I’m just barely making my bills I don’t see how the government can’t help the elderly people because we only get so much money now that we’re using all our money we have no money to retire on what is wrong with this picture he’s giving money out to the foreigners more than his own people I hope he understands that he’s only hurting his own people

  2. I wish i can get a stimulus check i need food. And catching up with
    my bills i work but my hour’s is cut and i work from pay check to pay check i need help

  3. I live in plainfield in.46168 I live on 814.00 a mo. I have a hard time making ends meet,at times I cant afford to buy my medicine I am a diabetic and I cant afford to pay 35.00 a dose.i dont know what to do.i could truly use a recurring stimulus ck.but indiana doesnt send out any money to help their people.

  4. What about people on ssi ? Yes we’re getting a raise at the end of the year but with the price of living going up its not enough each year my rent goes up cause I can’t afford a house and with gas and light’s rises that takes all my money( I appreciate the food stamps I get ) but I have to buy personal hygienes for myself and I’m struggling to do that and keep money in my pocket to wash clothes so what about us you give money to people with family’s but our families are grown and out on their own and I’m by myself.when can people on ssi get some of that money that you’re giving away cause we’re really struggling.

  5. I am going through hard time also the governor of Florida give money out to everyone but low income families still in the loop, I am 64 need help also I am diabetes don’t have enough for food or light bill. Have gone these food banks. But they don’t give food for people who have diabetes so I don’t get it because I can not eat it.. I need help, please.

  6. I’m on social security,and just got paid. And have ten dollars left after paying rent and bills Biden we need help.Cant even use car because don’t have money for gas. I’m Sixty eight and now have to walk to store to get what I need. I know kids need money. But so do the elderly.

  7. I’m on disability and what I get on my is nothing! With food, gas economy. Going up, I’m hurting financially. I need help….

  8. My name is Tameka Evans I’m on social security and disability as well as my younger daughter she’s on disability as well. We need all of the help we can. Can yall help us out

  9. Why not me? I am on a fixed income income and I am 74 years old. I need in for my extras such as toilet paper and other things like that. Lotions, things are getting expensive. And they are.

  10. My family is live in a hotel room husband is unemployed and am two kids are working and paying all the bills i was on ssi but they stop it and they don’t talk me anything need help

  11. I love on 190 a month cash and they just uped food stamp 250….but I can’t find a real program to help me .i live in NY that stimulus could change alot for me.

  12. I feel the same way trying to live on disability and make all the bills and now that im having problems with my vehicle im really strapped but he continues to hand out money for they ones having baby after baby …

  13. I am 66 and get a small retirement check and small social security check. With the price of everything I have nothing leftover atthe end of the month. I am physically unable to work duets health issues. I have worked all my life. I have never recieved one dime of assistance. I see men and women drawing checks and not working because they recieve money and they want work. I try to do anything to make a few dollars to have extra. It is time to help the elderly and myself who wants to work and can’t. I hope with all my heart I am chosen for the $1,000 a month pay out.

  14. Sounds like it would help a lot of people. There are people out there who didn’t get unemployment or have much of anything. I know my son was denied . Many older people on social security struggle even without the covid virus.

  15. My Daughter Is Disabled and Only Gets 800 Dollars a Month she Can’t Pay Rent ,Electric Bill, Water Bill, Can’t Have a Car ,Where can She go To Get Help.?

  16. I live in a one bedroom apartment with my spouse an he don’t have any kind of income coming in because he has a lot of health issues he also ended getting COVID then I got it an I got it bad but since the pandemic started I haven’t been able to work taking care of my grandchildren taking them to school I haven’t had know way to pay my bills because they stopped the pua assistance now I don’t what I’m going to do so they need to put back the unemployment assistance that help out alot of us or give us some kind of help

  17. I am disabled and a senior. I cannot work at a job anymore. Someday I cannot get out of the house. With all things still going up in price I am starting to run out of money by the tenth of the month. I have a small co-pays on meds that help me cope with pain. I am starting to not be able to afford it. It’s under $5.00 per month. Of something catastrophic happens I will be out on the streets. I am on oxygen I need a place to be able to plug in my concentrator
    I have a dog who keeps me going emotionally. After more than 35 years of diligent working I cannot believey life has come down to this!

  18. Currently my boss which I was his in care homegiver passed away on October 17th. I go to school at mid state and do a work study but I am now being ask to move with no solid income. I am currently looking for a job that goes around my school schedule. I really need some help for a few months. I do appreciate your time in reading this.


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