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The Afghan Baby Handed to Us Soldiers During the Chaos of Afghanistan Evacuation Is Still Missing Since August

The sad news has been reported that the afghan baby who was handed over to US soldiers by passing over the fence of the Kabul gate on august 19 has not been reunited with his parents yet with their son.

Who is this Afghan baby? What is the actual background story of the Afghan baby?

The missing Afghan baby is the child of Mirza Ali Ahmadi and his wife Suraya. He is one of the five children they have. That little child is only two months old and his name is Sohail. The little afghan baby was transferred to the US over the fence of Kabul gate due to the recent chaotic condition of Afghanistan. At the Kabul gate, the US soldiers asked the parents of the Afghan baby if they needed help.

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The parents were extremely worried about their children, fearing the chaotic condition they handed the two months old Afghan baby to the soldiers for his safety. They were afraid that he would be crushed in the melee. They thought doing this would save their baby and they would be able to meet their peace of heart again. The poor parents had high hopes of meeting their child again at the entrance that was about only five meters away.

Why were the parents not able to reunite with their child after handing him over to the US soldier?

According to the reports, Afghanistan has been facing some of the hardest times in history for more than a decade. People are facing inflation. They have lost their homes, their jobs, and most importantly their loved ones and peace of mind. The whole infrastructure of the country has been damaged a lot.

Afghan Baby

In recent events, the Afghan Taliban has taken over the whole country. The US forces have been pushed back. The whole country has been facing a very chaotic situation in the past months. Due to these chaotic situations, Mirza Ahmadi was not able to meet his son after handing him over to US soldiers for his safety.  The entrance at which they were thinking to reunite with their son was not far but only five meters away.

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But the situation of peace was not so good due to the Taliban invasion. It took around half an hour for the family to reach the other side of the airport fence. On the other side of the airport, they were not able to see their son. It was a nightmare for the family because their child was nowhere to be found. Mr. Ahmadi used to work as the security guard at the US embassy for 10 years, he ran here and there asking the officials regarding his child But Sohail was not found.

Upon asking Mr. Ahmadi, the military commander informed him that the airport is extremely dangerous for a child and that he might have taken Sohail to a special place for children.  But when they looked into the children’s place it was empty and Sohail was still missing.

What Happened to the Family Afterward?

The family is extremely worried about their child. Mr. Ahmadi along with his wife and remaining children were sent to Qatar then Germany and they finally landed in the US. Mr. Ahmadi told the media that he keeps asking every official in the US regarding his missing baby but still, there are no hopes for his child to reunite.

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In his own words:

“Everyone promises they will do their best, but they are just promises,” 

The poor family has no relatives in the US and they are waiting to be resettled for now they are at Fort Bliss in Texas along with other refugees. Every day they just hope to reunite with their little Sohail.

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