Fact Check: False Youtube Video Promises $10,000 to ‘Detain’ Pope Francis

An international court granted an arrest warrant for Pope Francis.

In a viral YouTube video prevailing on Twitter and Facebook, a man wearing a brown suit jacket, wire-frame glasses, and a neat, gray mustache appears from behind the camera and grabs a seat.

He says “Hello, this is Kevin Annett Eagle Strongvoice and it’s November the first,” adding further “I’ve just received a breaking news announcement.”

Annett Claims Court Is Rewarding With a Sum of $10,000 to the Person Who Can Find Pope

An arrest warrant for Pope Francis was released by the “International Common Law Court of Justice,” as said by Annett in the video published on 31st October, which gathered over 135,000 views that too merely in a week.

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He states the court is encouraging pardon and a reward of an amount of $10,000 to those who can search for the pope and get him arrested as well.

The alleged warrant blames the pope for “personal complicity in child rape, torture and trafficking, ritual killing … and other crimes perpetrated by the Church of Rome.” 

But in an attempt to “detain” the pope will not get a reward of $10,000. The International Common Law Court of Justice does not even have any existence.

No Warrant for the Pope’s Arrest

The reported arrest warrant for the pope is fake as the court purportedly releasing it isn’t genuine.

In the video, the only witness that Annett gives to validate his claims is his website. Annett states in an email that warrants are not generally exposed anywhere besides the court from which they are released.

Fact check

The U.S. Justice Department maintains a list of the few courts that have international command. The “International Common Law Court of Justice” is not among them.

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Annett, a precedent minister who was dismissed from the United Church of Canada in 1997, has earlier circulated incorrect claims about the made-up court.

No Reliable Sources Have Validated the Subject to Be True

No reliable sources have confirmed about a warrant being issued to arrest the pope.

As the YouTube video was published, Pope Francis has been perpetuated to be seen in public and take part in public events. For instance, he went to visit the French Military Graveyard in Rome and delivered a homily on 2nd November, as per reports.

Claim Is False

Based on our research, we state that the claim is FALSE that an international court granted an arrest warrant for Pope Francis. The court purportedly releasing this arrest warrant has no international command. No reliable sources have even confirmed reports of the pope’s arrest warrant.

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