Fremont Family Urges Suspect to Surrender After Toddler Dies, Caught in the Crossfire of I-880 Shooting

Following the loss of 23-month-old Jasper Woo a day later, the heart of the family of a little kid in Fremont has been devastated.

According to the CHP, he was wounded by a stray bullet while sitting in the back seat of his mother’s car on Interstate 880 in Auckland. In the Bay Area, there is shock and anguish over the loss of innocent life, and authorities are seeking the culprits.

The Tragedy

According to investigators, evidence gathered on the freeway suggested that at least two cars were involved in a rolling fire war in the northern direction. Jasper was in a southbound vehicle when he was hit by a gunshot.

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In the rolling gun war, detectives had not provided any suspect information or a motive. A dark-colored Chrysler 300 was one among the suspect vehicles, according to KPIX 5. 

Relatives say the 23-month-old infant was resting in the back seat of his mother’s white Lexus when it was shot down on Southbound 880 in Auckland on Saturday afternoon. With a head injury, little Jasper was rushed to Auckland Children’s Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Police investigate a scene of chaos on the road in a dashcam video shot after the incident.  A motorcyclist was there and he tells that he heard it was a shooting and then found out an hour later that a young kid was involved. “It’s awful,” the motorist, Mike, responded.

The CHP says the child was possibly caught during a freeway gun battle. Evidence acquired on the northern side of the freeway may indicate the victims were not targeted and the young passenger was injured by a stray gunshot as said by the California Highway Patrol detectives in disclosing this family got caught in the crossfire.

Meanwhile, Jasper’s grandfather left the hospital with a plastic bag containing small shoes, and the rest of the family consoled his mother.

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People’s Say on the Tragedy

The tragic death of Fremont youngster Jasper Wu was met with shock and disbelief. Lucy Tovar, a neighbor of his family, was taken aback when she learned of the tragedy. She said that she was devastated and sad about the incident and she can see the boy playing with his family in front of their house. 


Dion Lim, the American news anchor, and reporter for KGO has been very vocal about the incident. She tweeted that she can not begin to process some of the details and that what she could say at that very moment is that the baby/toddler was shot in the head.

Multiple family members were in the vehicle at the time. It was Dion and her sources who let us know that 3 children were sitting in the backseat when the stray bullet hit the unlucky 2-year-old.  

The Family’s Requisition

The family demands, or somewhat requests, the culprits to surrender and turn themselves in. The CHP is requesting tips from the public to help catch those involved in the gunfight, while an East Bay family mourns the unthinkable loss of an energetic little boy with a big smile.

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The number of gang fights is increasing in the region and has been a thing of concern for the people of Fremont for a long time. According to sources, the tragedy was some feud between the San Francisco gang, and that one person went to the San Francisco General. 

Fremont was held in shock when the news about the 2-year-old boy aired. The family members urge the culprits to surrender as the California Highway Patrol calls out the people for tips and any kind of information that may lead to the culprits of the incident. 

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