26 Children Die in a School Fire in Niger

A local governor confirmed the AFP news agency stating that a minimum of 26 children in the school have lost their lives when their classrooms which were made using straw and wood were buried in a fire in southern Niger.

It was confirmed by Chaibou Aboubacar, mayor of Maradi city, saying “Right now, we have 26 dead and 13 injured, four of them seriously,” further adding that the children were in between the age group of 5 and 6, as per the report of AFP about the fire on Monday.

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Niger Tried to Resolve the Crunches of the School Buildings by Using Straw and Woodshed

Niger is among the poorest countries of the world, has attempted several times to resolve crunches of the school buildings through the construction of thousands of straw and wood sheds so that they can work as classrooms, along with children who used to sit on the ground sometimes.

Blazes in the most inflammable classrooms are ordinary but the same hardly resulted in deaths ever.

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Although, in April, 20 children were scorched to death in a school fire in a district of Niamey where almost a large section of people belong to the working class.

The secretary-general of the Niger Teachers’ Union, Issoufou Arzika, told AFP that a fire outbreak on Monday had “decimated” the school in Maradi.

fire in Niger

Officials Were Given Warnings About the Risk That Comes Up With Wooden Classrooms

Further, it was said by Arzika that his union had warned authorities about the risk of the straw and wood classrooms following the fire in Niamey.

He said, “It is better to hold classes under trees than in straw huts, which have become flammable graves for pupils.”

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Recently, President Mohamed Bazoum has made a promise to change the wooden structures.

The school fire in Niger comes days after a minimum of 18 people lost their lives in the Dan-Issa district in the north of the country as a result of a collapsed gold mine.

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