Teen Driver Who Plowed Into Bicyclists Faces Six Felony Charges 

Why Did the Teenage Driver Do So?

 An unfortunate incident took place on September 25, 2021, when a teen driver hit a group of six bicyclists with his truck while supposedly harassing them. This terrific incident took place in Texas.

The teen driver has been charged with six felony charges after this accident. It was reported by the authorities that the teen driver was only sixteen years old, and he was trying to blow exhaust on the bicyclists. The reason for this incident is still unknown but it seems like the teen driver did this for “fun”. 

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Attorney’s Statement

Waller County district attorney’s office stated regarding this incident: “Over the last six weeks, this office has assigned its investigators to seek out evidence, and to interview the victims and witnesses.

Earlier today the juvenile voluntarily surrendered himself and was detained by representatives from the juvenile justice department where he would be held in custody until further orders of the juvenile court.” 

The teen’s attorney Rick DeToto mentioned this to The Washington Post in a statement that “my client and the client’s family had no comment due to the confidentiality laws surrounding juvenile cases.” He further stated that: “My client and his family continue to pray for the quick recovery of the injured bikers”. 

Incident Report and Crime Scene Witnesses ’ Statements

The statements of the riders would give us a clear picture of what exactly happened at the crime scene as they are the main witnesses of the entire incident.

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According to one of the group riders, it was around 11:30 am on 25th September when the participants of a cyclist group of eight members were doing group training for the Ironman Texas triathlon. Suddenly, they saw a black Ford pickup coming into their lane and getting closer to them near Waller, Texas.

The teen driver purposely went down to the Old Highway 290 and harassed the group by disgorging them with the black exhaust due to which the group got engulfed in the black smoke. Then the driver went close and dashed his Ford Super Duty truck into six of the eight riders. 

Teen driver

Another witness, Chase Ferrell, who was passing by near the area of the incident said: “I heard a lot of crunching and tire screeching.

I thought someone was dead. After hitting the cyclist, the driver stopped and got out of his truck to survey the wreckage.” The teen allegedly asked him at the crime scene: “Do you think I am going to jail?” when Ferrell told him that he has done “something freaking stupid”. Later Ferrell said to him: “You should go to jail.” 

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Four of the injured bicyclists were sent to hospital immediately but the teen driver was not arrested; rather he was freed after the police investigation when his parents came to the police station for his bail. This act of police is not justified and has received a lot of criticism throughout the city.

People are reminded about a similar tragic case that happened back in 2017 when a driver named Victor Tome killed two riders in an alleged accident but was not punished soon. In his regard, DeToto said that: “If the police didn’t arrest him on the day of the crash it means they didn’t think that he did anything illegal and they determined that a crime had not occurred.” 

Biased Action of Police

The Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis and his office kept interviewing the victims and the witnesses for about six weeks and consulted with a crash reconstructionist to identify the cause of the incident.

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According to Mathis, prosecutors are also investigating if there was any sort of planned criminal interference between the police and the parents of the teen driver as the family is very powerful and influential having several businesses in that area.

Mathis also said that it was an unfair act by police to not treat the crash site as a crime scene and investigate it. Even the Waller Police Chief Bill Llewellyn agreed with the fact that “police mishandled the scene, but I think that the department had been influenced by the dominance of the driver’s family”.

The decision from the Waller County District Attorney’s office came after a long time when another such case was already reported. 

The Waller County District Attorney’s prosecutors were thankful for the help provided in the investigation, by the Waller County Sheriff’s Office and by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The district attorney’s office also sympathies with the cyclists.

They say that: “We wish them the speediest of recoveries on their long journey ahead.” They also reminded the citizens to obey the law and orders of the state and to respect everyone and treat everyone equally with kindness.

Despite that, it is the duty of the police and the right of citizens to get justice at the time of need because justice delayed is justice denied.

It is very simple to opt a wrong way for money and other luxuries of life but the one who stands with the right, fights for the right, is the one who succeeds in the end because truth cannot remain hidden, it surely comes out one day.

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Also, every human life matters and is very important therefore irrespective of the age of the criminal and their financial background they should be punished according to the constitutional decisions and in the light of the law. 


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