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Biden, Xi Hold Virtual Summit Ease The Between US – China

It has been reported that there was a meeting between the two presidents of the greatest superpowers of the world, the USA and China. The meeting was held on Monday night between president Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The meeting between President Joe Biden Chinese President Xi Jinping which was held on Monday night, in an interview the White House said that it did not have a positive impact on US-China relations but had taken a step towards controlling a relationship that has been described as hateful

What Happened in the Meeting Between the Two Presidents? What Did They Discuss?

In a statement issued after the meeting, the White House said Biden had raised concerns about Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong democracy, the Chinese harassment of the Muslim Uyghur in Xinjiang, and human rights in general.

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Furthermore, The two leader’s discussion also revolved around the famous city of china Taiwan in more detail.

According to the news it has been reported that The White House said Biden had reiterated US commitment to a “one-China” policy but was more direct in his concern that Beijing’s actions in terms of democracy are increasingly in conflict with the current situation.

What was reported regarding the meeting by Chinese media?

 Well, conditions over there were quite intense as they reported some news with words claiming that a warning had been issued to Joe Biden by the Chinese president. According to Chinese state media, Biden was warned by Xi in the words”playing with fire” in Taiwan.

Yes, the Chinese president did not stop by saying or warning the US president that the US is playing with fire and that while Beijing wanted to “reunite” peacefully with the island, it was determined to take “strong measures” against Taiwan’s independence.

In a telephone interview with reporters, the chief executive officer described the meeting as “respectful,” “straightforward” and “open.”

According to the media, it was reported that the two states’ presidents were talking about the competition between the two states, The USA and China.

The statement which was released by the media was:

“The meeting itself was really about the two leaders discussing ways to manage the competition between the United States and China responsibly and ways to establish guardrails for that competition,” the official also added: “That was a theme throughout the conversation.”

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What Was the Response of the Current Us President to the Meeting?

 The current president Joe Buden was quite satisfied with the meeting. He also hoped to meet the Chinese president in person. It can be said that this was the first time that the leaders of both countries had a formal meeting in ages. In president Joe Biden’s speak person’s own words:

Meeting virtually is not quite the same as meeting in person, but it certainly was very different than just a phone call,”. The senior Biden administration official also said. “The two leaders did have a substantial back and forth and an ability to interact with one another.”

What Could Be the Possible Future of the America and China Relationships? Is There Any Prediction Regarding Their Future Together?

US-China relations have grown tense over the past few years.

A trade war was initiated between the countries under the Trump administration and Biden took a firm stand in China during his presidential campaign, calling Xi a “thug.” The Chinese leader has repeatedly hailed what he calls American power diminishing, saying “East is rising and West is shrinking.”

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According to the news both the presidents, Joe Biden, and Xi Jinping had the meeting virtually in which both shared the words conciliatory.

This meeting was said to hold around three and a half hours. Some of the words regarding the meeting which Biden shared were that it seemed to him that their responsibility as leaders of China and the United States is to ensure that the competition between their countries does not veer into conflict, whether it is intended or not. 

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