White House Rallies Around Kamala Harris After Reports of Condition in West Wing

The recent news has reported that The White House met with Deputy President Kamala Harris on Monday following media reports of a rift between his office and President Joe Biden.

In a recent interview White House press secretary Jen Psaki said when asked if Biden had confidence in Harris’ leadership, he added that Harris was facing “challenging” issues and according to Biden she did not consider a  “vice-president” as difficult role, “The president relies on the vice president for her advice, for her counsel.”

What Seems to Be the Concerns Over Harris’ Leadership and Political Future?

The media has also been reporting Psaki’s statement that came after a series of reports in which Psaki expressed serious concern about Harris’ leadership and political future.

A Sunday CNN report quoted anonymous sources describing “resentment and inefficiency” in the vice president’s office. The report greatly disappointed management.

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What Would Be Biden’s Second-in-command?

Sunday Politico’s story highlighted the early run for Biden as the Democratic Alliance’s 2024 or 2028 nominee and noted that Democrats outside the White House are still preparing for a potentially competitive tournament despite Harris being second in Biden and thought to be his successor.

Psaki in a recent interview said in a series of reports describing conflicts between Harris’ staff, political allies, and management, the statement which was released: 

“They do not disclose his views or our knowledge of the vice president.”

White House

Psaki added that Harris, as a loyal candidate for the presidency, will once again be “out of the country promoting the infrastructure bill,” Biden’s success in double-signing, and other senior management officials in the coming weeks.

On Sunday, Psaki and other officials wrote tweets in support of Harris and her staff, disputing the notion that there was a split in the White House or that Biden did not trust his leadership.

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How Is Harris Playing the Role of Biden’s Closest Adviser?

Since taking office, the White House has taken steps to highlight Harris ‘role as Biden’s closest adviser, with his assistants often referring to “Biden-Harris’ executives” in official documents and public statements.

As vice-president, Harris will be a clear candidate for the Democratic Alliance presidential election if Biden decides not to run for re-election in 2024. If he goes to the polls and is re-elected, he will be seen as the best candidate in 2028.

Harris has been facing political turmoil recently. A November survey by USA TODAY / Suffolk University found that Harris had a 28% accreditation rate, a historically low rate following Biden’s 38% in the same survey.

What Is Happening in the Vice President’s Inner Circle? What Is the Response of the Public?

Recent news reports have expressed concern for the vice president as public dissatisfaction with Harris seems to be resurfacing.

Activists involved in some of the vice president’s problems have also expressed concern about the lack of progress and her political allies are worried that she is not prepared for success. Harris’ political allies quickly withdrew from the broadcast, claiming that some news items featured sexually explicit or lazy people.

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Bakari Sellers, who was a former South Carolina state attorney and was acting as Harris’ deputy during his failure to run for president, Monday said on CNN’s “New Day” that he has a larger issue with the tone and tenor by which Kamala Harris is covered, and I think that is seen in this article.” 

Seller in a recent interview also commented that when we have these articles coming out, it puts a lot of us in a defensive posture, because we see that a lot of people are treating Kamala Harris the same way they treated Hillary Clinton, which is attempting to end her political career in death by a million cuts.”


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