Lawsuit Seeks $750 Million From Travis Scott, Drake, and Live Nation Over Astroworld Disaster

A major lawsuit has been filed in the aftermath of the Astroworld Festival catastrophe, which left ten people dead. The $750 million lawsuit targets Astroworld headliner and founder Travis Scott, rapper Drake, event organizer Live Nation, Epic Records, and Apple.

The Lawsuit Seeks Compensation for Loss of Mental and Physical Health, as well as Human Life

High-powered attorney Tony Buzbee filed the three-quarters-billion-dollar complaint in Houston Civil Court, seeking damages for loss of mental and physical health, as well as human life.

According to Fox Business, Buzbee stated, “No amount of money can ever make these Plaintiffs whole; no amount of money can restore human life.”

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“The damages sought in this case attempt to repair, assist, or make up for the hurts and losses sustained by these Plaintiffs,” according to the lawsuit.

“The quantum sought includes adequate punitive damages to punish and make an example of everyone involved in the streaming, promotion, organizing, and botched execution of the concert, as well as to encourage others who engage in such activity in the future to do so with safety in mind.”

“This performance was doomed from the start,” Buzbee told KHOU. It was doomed even before they submitted their operations plan.”

“There has to be accountability, particularly for those corporations who stood to profit,” Buzbee said, referring to Apple, which profited from streaming the rap concert online.

Scott’s habit of instigating raucous behavior during his presentations is cited in the case.

Lawsuit Seeks

Tony Buzbee

Buzbee gained national notoriety lately when he represented 22 women who claimed Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson sexually assaulted or inappropriately behaved during massage sessions with them.

Some of Buzbee’s legal successes were noted in the Houston Chronicle:

Some of his notable victories include a $41 million settlement in 2015 for a spider bite victim and a $100 million verdict in 2009 for Texas City residents sickened by toxic fumes from a BP plant.

A federal judge in Houston eventually overturned the judgment, which had previously been touted as the highest verdict ever against BP. In 2019, he told Texas Inc that his greatest settlement was $500 million, and his largest court triumph was a $159 million verdict.

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The Plaintiffs

The complaint was filed on behalf of over 125 concertgoers as well as the family of Axel Acosta Avila, who was killed during the concert at Houston’s NRG Park.

Avila, a Western Washington University student, drove from Tieton, Washington, to Houston, Texas, to attend the music festival. Cynthia Acosta, his aunt, told KTRK. “It was his first time attending such an event.”

According to Buzbee, Avila “was crushed by the incited, riotous, and out-of-control throng with such force that he could no longer breathe” and went into cardiac death.

“When Axel collapsed, he was trampled by individuals fighting to keep from being crushed,” according to the claim. “As he lay dying behind a throng of humanity, the music played and streamed on – for about forty minutes.” Axel perished that night on the wet ground while attending a concert for enjoyment.”

Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services at Western Washington University “By all accounts, Axel was a young man with a bright future,” Melynda Huskey said. On this extremely sad day, we express our sympathies to his family.

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CNN claimed that at least 140 lawsuits had been filed about the Astroworld catastrophe, citing Harris County District records.

Attorney Ryan MacLeod filed a complaint earlier this month, saying the tragedy had been “a year in the making.”

Last Monday, personal injury lawyer Ben Crump announced a lawsuit on behalf of over 100 Astroworld concertgoers.

“This should never, ever have happened,” Crump said. “People were fighting for their lives just to get out.” This is a horrific story. We must obtain the answers. Nobody should ever die as a result of attending a performance.”

Buzbee stated that he plans to file a new case with 100 additional victims in the coming days.


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