NYT Says Inflation Panic Is Driven by Rich Personalities Flipping Their Over Depreciated Assets

The news has been received regarding the New York Times writer. New York Times contributors’ comment has taken the internet by storm. She has made the statement regarding the inflation panic.

A New York Times news correspondent has once again sparked online criticism after stating that ‘inflation crises’ have a profound effect on the rich, ignoring reports of a sharp rise in inflation over the past three decades.

She Made the Statement in the Words

“All the stuff you see about inflation in the news is driven by rich people flipping their shit because their parasitic assets aren’t doing as well as they’d like and they’re scared that unemployment benefits + stimmy checks + 15 minimum wage + labor shortage are why ~[just my thoughts]~” 

Her statement made a lot of people angry. Angry Twitter users hurriedly pointed out the flaws in Jeong’s dispute, arguing that inflation and the rising cost of living had a profound effect on Central America.

Last week, the Department of Labor reported that the consumer price index rose by 6.2 percent – the biggest growth of the year since 1990.

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Who Is Sarah Jeong?

Jeong, who is now the editor of The Times, was previously scrutinized when several of his white-tailed white tweets resumed in 2018.

Jeong is a Harvard Law School graduate who wrote for The Atlantic, Washington Post, and The Verge, and was named one of the Forbes ’30 under 30′ in the media in 2017.

Resorts from Fox has been received that is she had resigned earlier in 2019 from the NYT editorial board as she decided to boycott the paper 

NYT contributor

How Did People Over Twitter Respond to NYT Contributors’ Statements Regarding Inflation?

After Sarah’s remarks on Tuesday regarding the inflation, many were not happy and they rushed to refute her claims and accused her of not knowing how inflation affects poor families in the US.

Many statements were released by the prominent political personalities one of the Political analysts and founder of Outkick Clay Travis rated and wrote that Jeong’s tweet was a failure to understand basic economics.

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‘Rich people are far less impacted by inflation than poor people because rich people spend a comparatively smaller amount of their income on products. Inflation is a massive default tax on the poor.’ 

Another prominent personality, author Carol Roth, claimed that Jeong’s statement regarding inflation can easily be debunked and it does not make any sense. She stated: ‘’The War on Small Business. She also tweeted that: ‘Inflation is a tax that impacts the middle class and poor the most. Facts > feels.

How Did Sarah Jeong Deal With All of the Criticism She Faced Regarding Her Statement About Inflation?

 Jeong seems to be unbothered with all of the criticism she has been receiving. It has also been reported that she has also received the death threats but she did seem to back off from the statements she made. She made a lot of sarcastic comments as she tweeted stuff like:

‘Very spooky scary to think of the moment the poor realize inflation favors debtors and that that’s what the hubbub is about, and not milk prices.’

 She also said that she had to turn off the notifications from social media due to the response she had been receiving because of her statement. As she tweeted :

I like all notifications turned off on here and I turned off comments on the original tweet, so mostly I know I’ve riled people up real bad because of the clustering of death threats in my email inbox, and well… I don’t regret it.’

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It was not the first time that she has been doing such stuff that took the internet by storm. In 2018, She made the statement regarding white people calling them bullsh**. She even started the hashtag to cancel white people. All of these things upset many of the people around.

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