Bank of America Awards $6 Million Grants to 65 Detroit Area Nonprofits

It has been announced by the Bank of America that its foundation has provided more than $6 million in grants to 65 groups in the Detroit region that help people find work, provide job training, and improve food access and distribution.

This announcement is part of the bank’s annual Day of Giving (November 18), which honors the full breadth of the bank’s support for Detroit’s economic mobility. The Oakland county non-profits say that the funds will pay off. 

The Bank of America and Non-profits

The Bank of America is a financial services holding company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the United States’ second-largest banking institution and the world’s ninth-largest bank. Bank of America is one of the United States’ Big Four banking institutions.

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In contrast to a business that aims to make a profit for its owners, a non-profit institution is a legal entity that is organized and administered for a collective, public, or social benefit.

The non-distribution limitation applies to non-profits that any surplus funds must be invested in the organization’s mission rather than distributed to private parties.

Provision of a Haven

HAVEN is domestic violence and sexual assault prevention education program.

Bank of America

On the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault, trained educators are available to train and educate healthcare professionals, law enforcement authorities, members of the clergy and other faith-based leaders, community organizations, corporations, and professional associations.

HAVEN’s preventative strategy is heavily reliant on its ties with local schools. School programs are designed to raise awareness and provide information about how gender roles and expectations, as well as our culture, influence dating violence, and sexual assault.

They are presented in an age-appropriate manner in the classroom. Students are also taught about resources and risk-reduction methods.

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How Does the Fund Help in Providing a Better and Safer Environment

Averett Robey is the Director of the HAVEN prevention education program. Robey says that the grant will give them much more funding, much more opportunity to interact with the community and build their reach.

HAVEN is the only comprehensive program for victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault in Pontiac, Oakland County. This year, the Bank of America Foundation awarded grants to 65 non-profit organizations in the area. He claims that the funds are urgently needed, particularly during the pandemic.

According to Robey, the number of people contacting for services and the number of situations they attend in the community has increased dramatically. HAVEN has been awarded a grant from the “Neighbourhood Builders” banks, which will provide $200,000 in unrestricted money for the next two years.

HAVEN will be able to better serve the more than 30,000 people they serve each year thanks to the award. It will not only assist, but it will also supply much-needed resources to staff.

It also provides training and leadership development for the CEO and emerging leaders inside the firm, ensuring that they have the tools and skills necessary to properly implement the strategy.

The Banks’ Say

The Michigan President of the Bank of America, Matt Elliot said that they are looking for an organization that has a vast impact and a track record but also has a very clear idea of ​​what it is going to do with the funding, and HAVEN, in his opinion, is just doing an amazing job.

Not only HAVEN but the other nonprofit organizations also have a solid plan as to where to invest the funding provided by the banks. 

The financial assistance provided by the Bank of America to the Non-Profit Organizations of the Detroit Area has proved to be a valuable asset in the development of not only the organizations but their programs for the people of the Country. 

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