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Lil Pump Reportedly Owes the IRS $1.6 Million in Due Taxes

The South Florida rapper Lil Pump was hit by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with a massive federal tax bill of $1,676,738.65, according to court documents.

The lien was filed in October against the Miami mansion of the rapper, which is worth $5 million. In case Pump fails to pay this huge bill, which is due on him in December 2018, the IRS will end up seizing his property.

This is not exactly an unfamiliar situation for the multi-platinum artist Pump. Just a few months back, in April, he was hit with a tax bill of $89378.68, which he owed since December of 2019.

The court documents entail information that the IRS made a demand for the payment of this $1.6 million; however, it was not paid heed to and remained unfulfilled.

IRS Ultra-rich Skip Estate Tax and Spark a 50% Collapse in Irs Tax Revenue

Lil Pump whose legal name is Grazzy Gracia has denied the accusation of owing any money to the IRS. He took it to his Instagram and uploaded a video where he boasted about making millions of money and flaunted his accessories.

“Do not believe the internet, that shit is all cap, bruh,” said Pump. “$90,000? That’s on my wrist right now. Another 90, that’s on my neck. Don’t play with my body. Look, I have made over $15 million; you know what the tax bill on $15 million is? ******, 90k ain’t **** to me. Stop playing with my body.”

Lil Pump and His Music

The 21-year-old rapper has been quite engaged this year, making music. The pump has released new songs recently like “Racks to the Ceiling” and “In Da Way”. Back in July 2019 after releasing his second album named “Harvard Dropout”, that is when he attained his luxurious Miami Mansion.

Reports about Pump selling his Music royalties for his lineup, yet-to-be-released track “Mona Lisa”, are also doing rounds.

IRS Being Vigilant and Thorough With Tax Evaders

The United States planned to collect $400 billion in new revenue over a decade by making the wealthy Americans pay their taxes and reviving the fear of audits. This will deter tax avoidance. The increased enforcement of IRS to collect the unpaid, long due taxes contributes as the largest source of revenue in the Build Back Better plan.

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Lil Pump is currently under the radar of IRs. However, his money troubles increased back in August. He was sued by American Express because of an unpaid bill of $26,000. The suit demanded full payment with interest. 

Now Lil Pump has made the headlines again as the IRS plans to confiscate his mansion, if he does not return the money that he rightfully owes, in time.

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