Kyle Rittenhouse to Appear on ‘tucker Carlson Tonight’ for Exclusive Interview 

Why Is Kyle Rittenhouse Coming to the Show?

LISTEN-KYLE RITTENHOUSE FANS: Yesterday i.e., on Saturday, 20th November 2021, the FOX news channel surprised their viewers by announcing that on the upcoming Monday’s night show named “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, Kyle Rittenhouse is invited over.

The purpose stated by FOX news itself and other sources is that Kyle Rittenhouse was accused of attempting murder in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Later on, after the court trial, it was proved that Kyle Rittenhouse was innocent and the actual assassin was someone else, who was also caught by the police. 

Who Is Kyle Rittenhouse?

Kyle Rittenhouse is a resident of Antioch, Illinois. Kyle Rittenhouse has participated in local police programs, and he has shared his support on “Blue lives matter” through social media. He is an eighteen-year-old teenager. 

About the Show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and His Host

Tucker Carlson Tonight is a very popular show with nearly three million viewers.

It is ranked number one. In 2020, Tucker Carlson Tonight made a new record by gaining 4.8 million viewers. Recently, Tucker Carlson was included in Time 100’s most influential people of 2021 and earned the title of Adweek’s “Hottest News Host” of 2021.

In his entire career, he has conducted countless interviews with major newsmakers. Before his powerhouse primetime role, he served as co-host of FOX & Friends Weekend from 2012 to 2016. In 2009, Tucker Carlson joined the show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” as a political contributor.

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The FOX News Channel (FNC) is a twenty-four-hour news service provider of breaking, political, and business news. It is ranked number one among all other news channels and has been watching the most for twenty continuous years.

FOX News leads the news industry in both brand loyalty, engagement, and expectations. In 2019, during polling at Suffolk University, FOX News was named as the most trusted source of news. It is owned by FOX Corp and has been watched in eighty million homes and leads the cable news landscape, routinely achieving the top ten programs in the genre. 

Kyle Rittenhouse

The Interview

It has been mentioned by FOX News that only the first portion of Kyle Rittenhouse’s interview with Tucker Carlson will air on Monday night show. Perhaps, later on, the rest of the part of the interview would be shown in a FOX Nation documentary under the name of Tucker Carlson Original in December.

The FOX news channel declared that: “This documentary would involve additional sections of the interview as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Kyle Rittenhouse and his defense team.” After saying this, Tucker Carlson also showed a clip of the documentary on Friday night during his show. 

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In a documentary clip, Kyle Rittenhouse said: “I made it through the hard part. I believe they came to the correct verdict, and I am glad that everything went well. It has been a rough journey, but I made it through it. We made it through the hard part.” 

The Case Details

After shooting and killing two people and injuring a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during the August 2020 demonstrations after the death of Jacob Blake, Rittenhouse was found not guilty and acquitted on Friday afternoon on five charges, including reckless homicide.

In the aftermath of the demonstrations, Rittenhouse, a native of Antioch, Illinois, came to Kenosha. On security camera video, he could be seen patrolling the streets with an AR-15 weapon, and he ultimately came face to face with demonstrators.

This sparked a chain of events that culminated with Rittenhouse firing his AR-15 at two demonstrators, Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber. He also shot Gaige Grosskreutz, another demonstrator, in the shoulder as Grosskreutz approached him with a pistol.

Rittenhouse’s actions were repeatedly described by investigators as unjustified murder, a stance supported by countless civil rights groups and Black Lives Matter campaigners around the country. The panel, though, found Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges because he acted in self-defense.

The prosecution has long been accused by Rittenhouse’s legal team of suppressing information, something the state has categorically rejected. Despite the prosecution’s claims to the contrary, the trial was frequently characterized as a back-and-forth affair, with the chief defense counsel admitting that “there were times we doubted the evidence, and there were times we were certain.

Rittenhouse’s comments will be broadcast on one of the country’s most-watched programs when he speaks for the first time on Monday.

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Tucker Carlson’s Statement

FOX News anchor  Tucker Carlson said tonight that the “not guilty” statement in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was “the right conclusion.” Carlson doubtless feels the same about Rittenhouse’s choice for his first post-verdict interview.

“Our team has been spending quite a bit of time with Rittenhouse, his lawyers, and his family,” said Carlson of the interview and special at the close of his show tonight. “The one thing we have not heard about is Kyle Rittenhouse’s view.”

The FOX News anchor further exclaimed that “This is not about politics this is about the most fundamental right you have: The right to protect yourself from oppression.”


Justice Is the Constant and Perpetual Will to Allot to Every Man His Due.” -Ulpian

Justice is the most fundamental right of every human being, though Kyle Rittenhouse had to appear for numerous trials at the end of the day, he was free from all false accusations of murders because he acted in self-defense.


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