19-year-old Penn State Student From NJ Dies in Fall Down Trash Chute

A 19-year old girl was found dead in the trash chute of Beaver Terrace apartments, a building near The Pennsylvania State University. A trash hauler found his body while emptying his trash load. The girl was identified as Justine Gross, a student of Penn State.

Initially, the state police declared it an accident that happened under the influence of marijuana but did not release any details. Police stated that they were withholding the information due to the restriction imposed by the girl’s family members.

However, the mother of the girl, Francoise Gross, denied the fact. She stated that she had more questions than answers. She told that the police only informed her that her daughter smoked marijuana and fell into the trash chute under its influence. However, the investigation team is still not revealing more.

According to the sources, Justine went missing on 10th November. The roommate of Justine told the mother of Justine that she went to the Beaver Terrace apartment to meet a man in his apartment, and he gave him marijuana to smoke.

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The mother became shocked and unable to believe that her daughter was taking drugs. The mother also stated that she spoke to the man last Thursday and asked him about what happened on the night of the incident.

The man told her casually that he had given Justin a smoke, and after having it, she panicked and ran to the top floor. Later, she jumped into the chute.

The state Police are still calling it an accident. However, the mother of Justine believed that something terrible had happened with her daughter. 

She had gathered some information and evidence which indicated that something terrible might happened to her.

NJ dies

A troubling text from Justine’s phone was done to her college friend on Snapchat. The words of Justine in the message are “Something just happened,”. The message was sent at 11:22 p.m. on November 10, the time just before she fell into the trash chute.

Further, the mother of the girl has come to the university to join the investigation. She states that she is waiting for the coroner’s report. The report might take four to six weeks to come.

The mother also showed the police, the last moment of Justine in the CCTV recording. 

According to the CCTV footage, Justine left her apartment on the 10th floor of Beaver Terrace apartments and went to a room on the seventh floor to meet a guy. The recording further shows she came out of the man’s room with that man in an unsteady walk through the hallways. 

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Justine did not return to her apartment that night, where her friend was waiting for her. The recording further shows that she was running to the 11th floor all alone. She then entered the chute room from where she vanished.

Justine’s mother just want to know why she was insanely rushing to the 11th floor. Whether it was a drug or somebody was following him. She further said that her daughter could not do something like that. She might enter the chute in a panic state thinking it to be the stare case as somebody was following her.

Further, the slippers and the mobile phone of Justine were found at the staircase. 

The Police questioned that man twice. However, that man has now hired a lawyer and denied talking further.

The police are not releasing much information. They are saying that they have released enough information to ensure public safety. However, Francoise is not happy about the same. She is saying that they must release more information.

 Spokeswoman, Lisa Powers, stated that the invention of the case is off-campus, so it is in the hand of the state police what information to be released.

She further said it would not be right if the university meddled in the investigation as it is off-campus. She also offered solaces to the family of Justine.

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A candlelight vigil also took place outside the Beaver Terrace apartments on Thursday night.

A candlelight vigil also took place in the high school football field on Friday night in Summit to remember Justine as an honor student and cheerleader.

Gross also shared that she and her family kept thinking about what had happened to Justine before going to the bed every morning.


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