Biden Expected to Nominate Shalanda Young for Budget Director

On Wednesday, 24 November 2021, President Joe Biden is expected to announce Shalanda Young as the budget director leading the White House Budget Office.

First Black Woman

Shalanda Young has been working as acting director of the Office of Management and Budget for the past eight months, right from when she was picked by Biden and confirmed to hold this position of deputy budget director in March, with a 63-37 vote.

President Joe Biden praised Shalanda Young for her exceptional and impressive performance in a video he posted on Twitter for announcing his choices. He shared that all the Congressional leaders are equally impressed by Shalanda Young’s performance throughout these past months.

If the Senate gives confirmation Shalanda Young would be the first-ever Black woman to lead the office of Management and Budget. On the one hand, Shalanda Young is expected to be nominated. At the same time, Nani Coloretti, a Filipino American, is most likely to be selected to serve as the deputy of Young. 

Coloretti has served in the administration at the time of President Obama for almost eight years. Her experience includes three years as the deputy secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

She was confirmed for this position in a 68-28 ratio of votes. She has served for five years in the Treasury Department.

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It would be a historic moment to see two women of colour leading the agency for the first time to help President Biden develop the upcoming annual budget.

The Withdrawal of Neera Tanden

Neera Tanden was the first nominee for the position of director. However, she faced severe criticism from bipartisanship after the controversial posts she made about the lawmakers started to resurface. The tweets she made then, a lot of them have since been deleted.

Tanden has apologized for them several times, specifically in the two hearings for her confirmation. She did get sympathy. But it was not adequate for satisfying the concerns of many senators. She ultimately withdrew her nomination and has been chosen for the position of White House Staff Secretary instead. 

budget director

The Roles of Shalanda Young Provided She Gets the Confirmation

Although she is expected to be nominated, she will still need senate confirmation to serve the role permanently. Meanwhile, she will remain in the position of acting director, waiting to be confirmed. 

As far as the role of budget director is concerned, Shalanda Young would be seen leading the “nerve centre” of government, the most powerful executive office. She will play a significant role in the economic agenda proposed by President Joe Biden.

Producing annual budget requests, managing the executive branch, working with federal agencies, implementing the regulatory agenda throughout the administration; all these will be Young’s prime responsibilities.

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It is to be noted that it is historic and very appreciable to see women of colour performing such central executive roles in the administration and the crucial associated tasks. They have proven themselves as experienced and qualified and truly deserving to be the lead. 

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