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Eighty-Two-Year-old Man Attacked by Dirt Bike, Atv Riders in Boston

An Inhuman Act: An unfortunate incident took place on November 18, 2021, in Massachusetts, Boston, when a managed eighty-two years was driving to Bowker overpass in his Buick Century car, a 1996 model from Park Drive to Boylston Street.

While he was going, a group of forty dirt bike riders and ATV approached him and attacked him. The police are looking for those dirt bikers and ATV riders all around and are requesting people to help them identify those culprits as they are in huge numbers. The victim did not reveal his name and identity and asked the police to cooperate by keeping his identity confidential.

Crime Details

As mentioned above, while the eighty-two-year-old man was driving, suddenly, he was chased by a disgusting group of people, comprising forty members. Initially, they were forcing him to drive his car in the right lane of the road. After that, they broke his car window by throwing big pieces of stones and pipes.

To protect himself, the older man tried to reach the nearest police station as soon as possible. Still, unfortunately, those sick-minded dirt bikers and ATV riders followed him and overtook his car again, and began to attack his vehicle.

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The older man tried to move down the highway to head towards the town of Allston, but unluckily he got stuck in traffic at the top of the road. In the hope to find a solution to this problem, near a gas station, he lowered down his window to seek help from an adjacent car and asked the driver to call the police, but at that very moment, one of the bikers came there, beside his car.

That insane, rock-hearted rider beat the older man from the window. In the meantime, the remaining riders also gathered up there and carried on striking and hitting the car frantically and madly.

Afterward, when the traffic cleared again, the older man got the chance to take a left turn going towards Cambridge Street of Allston. Later on, the older man arrived at a local accessible store, where he immediately got out of the car and fainted on the road outside the store.

Current Health Condition of the Victim

The older man was being admitted to St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Brighton by local police after successfully making it to the Allston store. His daughter is deeply saddened and in much grief after knowing about this incident.

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She stated regarding her father’s condition that as he was beaten up very cruelly and harshly, the wounds and injuries are still dominant all over his face and hands, but he is recovering slowly day by day. Just like her father, she also did not wish to mention her name because they are afraid that those insane bikers and riders do not start chasing them again and show up again in front of them to cause any more trouble for them as well as a crucial precautionary measure for the sake of family’s protection.

Man Attacked by Dirt Bike

She also said that her father recently had a heart valve replacement, which is why he is having some breathing problems despite recovering. His entire family is thankful that, luckily, he survived this third-degree torture. She also states that her father said it was like an absolute nightmare; one would have only seen such a scenario in movies and films only when some bad people beat you unknowingly and without any reason.

The fact that no one in their family or even police know up till now that why the weak, older man, who was a heart patient, was being attacked so brutally, and this is terrifying all of the family members of an older man a lot. The police officials are working hard to catch those brutal culprits.

They say that it was an inhuman, cowardly, and barbaric act. The police investigation is in process. The police department highly appreciates the participation of citizens who have seen any of those culprits and prime suspects or had witnessed anything regarding that horrible night on those crime scene roads mentioned in the news. According to the police, that poor man was only going to buy a turkey for a thanksgiving ritual at 7:30 pm, when this shameful incident occurred.

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Despite that, it is the duty of the police and the right of citizens to get justice at the time of need because justice delayed is justice denied. It is straightforward to opt a wrong way for money and other luxuries of life, but the one who stands with the right, fights for the right and succeeds in the end because truth cannot remain hidden; it indeed comes out one day.

Also, every human life matters and is significant; therefore, irrespective of the criminal’s age and financial background, they should be punished according to the constitutional decisions and in the light of the law. Moreover, that older man had nothing to do with those mad bike riders who harmed him very severely without any reason and without even seeing that he is an older man who needs love, support, and care. People like those riders cannot understand the feeling of sympathy and the meaning of humanity. They are similar to “Zombies” who cherish torturing others and seeing others in pain.

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