Sweden’s First Female Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson Resigns After a Few Hours

The first female Prime minister of Switzerland, Magdalena Andersson, a Social Democrat, resigned from the post on Wednesday in less than 12 hours after the two-party coalition with the Green Party broke as it walked away from the coalition leaving the country in political uncertainty.

However, Andersson has been giving statements that she has informed the speaker that she hopes to be the Prime Minister again as the head of the single-ruling party government of and this seems highly probable, given the strong support from other parties.

The main reason that lead to the discontinuance of the coalition between the two parties is that the parliament rejected the budget bill.

I have asked the speaker to be relieved of my duties as prime minister,” Andersson told a news conference. “I am ready to be prime minister in a single-party, Social Democrat government.”

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It is however surprising to see that the Green Party is making statements that it would support Andersson in every way in the parliament, while the center party has said that it will abstain, which is indirectly supporting the candidacy of Andersson. Apart from this the left party also intends to support her and has given favorable statements in the media.

The main agenda that brings all their parties together despite being divided in the budget bill is that they want to keep the Sweden Democrats, the anti-immigration and populist party at the shores that is they want to keep it away from the decision making position, in fact, any position in the government.

Female Prime Minister

“The Centre Party will open the door for her (Andersson) to be prime minister,”  leader of center party, Annie Loof, wrote on Twitter.

“We will make sure, again, that Sweden can have a government that is not dependent on the Sweden Democrats.”

Though the opposition that is the right-wing of moderates and Christian Democrats is backed by the Sweden Democrats, they are far from being in a position to claim a majority in the Parliament.

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The Main Problems

One of the major problems is that Stefan Lofven who is the head of a two-party coalition and this coalition happens to be of minorities who are supported by the Left as well as the  Centre parties.

The problem is evident from the fact that this particular alliance came down like a palace of cards when the center party denied giving a nod to the budget bill or the finance bill of the government.

The final nail in the coffin was that the Parliament passed plans on spending on Wednesday which was planned and proposed by the three parties from the opposition which led to the quitting of the Green Party from the coalition and hence leaving no option in front of Andersson than to quit and resign from the top political post of the country.

Now, it is for the speaker of the Parliament to decide what will be the next step of his in the direction of looking for a new government. However, given the support of the major parties and their political will, it is almost certain that the name of Andersson will again be put forward for a new vote in the days to come.

“We expect the Left, Green, and Centre parties to abstain in the upcoming vote and therefore effectively approve Andersson as Prime Minister again,” banking group Nordea said in a note. “In other words, the political chaos is over as long as nothing more unexpected happens.”

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The path for a new prime minister will not be easy and will be filled with unprecedented conditions that the world along with Sweden has been facing like the post-COVID-19 challenges and the economic challenges in the way of becoming a welfare state and expediting the process for becoming a green economy, to meet the climate change goals set by it. The next national election will be held in September, next year.

What is also embarrassing is the fact, that the country which introduced Universal suffrage about 100 years ago, even before the United States or any other part of the world, has got its first woman prime minister so late. Neighbouring Norway got its first woman to lead the country about 40 years ago while the first-ever country to have a woman chief was in 1960 in Sri Lanka.


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