Who Meets to Discuss New, ‘Heavily Mutated’ Covid-19 Variant

In South Africa, there has been a rapid spike in Covid-19 cases, which has been identified as one of the new Covid-19 variants. The World Health Organization has decided to hold an official meeting on Friday to discuss the cause of the sudden increase in Covid-19 cases in South Africa. 

It is vital for WHO to hold this meeting because the Minister of Health, South Africa revealed that this new variant of Covid-19 is more contagious among the young generations than previous ones. B.1.1.529 is a new variant of Covid-19 which is heavily outbursts these days and one of the most mutated variants in Africa revealed by some crucial reports.

The reason behind holding a meeting of WHO has not been revealed yet but as per the sources, it has been disclosed that the meeting is likely to result in the naming of this new variant as the Delta variant was named.

WHO officials have revealed that the new variant is most “horrific” among all the variants but in a recent interview the Director of the Centre for South Africa’s Epidemic Response and Innovation has mentioned that the new variant did not terrify them because they were expecting more mutation and upsurges in deaths.

Effectiveness of Existing Vaccines on This Variant

The new variant, reported recently in Botswana and from there this deadly variant has mutated all over South Africa. It is being anticipated that the virus could be more deadly than the previous ones.

However, scientists of South Africa and all over the world have been continuously working to determine whether this new variant could somehow evade the immune system of people or not. Now, the suspects are there on existing vaccines.

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The effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines over the virus might be hampered because it is mutating at a rapid pace and there are so many faces of this virus.

This sudden outbreak has hampered everything and the British Government has announced that all the flights which are coming from African countries to Britain are banned for an indefinite time and whosoever arrives at the airport or somewhere else then he or she would be asked to have Covid-19 test.

Overall, there are many concerns regarding the effectiveness of the vaccines because the new variant might be more transmissible than the old Delta strains, and the variety of vaccines that are currently being used to evade the virus might have fewer effects against the B.1.1.529 as scientists are racing to determine this fast-spreading virus.


Name of the New Variant

In Spite of these various major initiatives are being taken from the side of the African Government, and WHO is also backing up the nation with their support. The recent report has revealed that there will be a group of experts meeting with WHO on 26 of November and they are likely to label the strain of the virus which is currently named as B.1.1.529. 

WHO experts are likely to rename this variant as “Nu” which is the next available letter in the Greek naming system for coronavirus. Experts or researchers also want to determine the potential of this virus, how it may spread and how far it will affect globally as it is rising continuously.

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Changes In Spikes

The new variant is more mutative as it has 30 faces to the spike protein which mainly targets the immune response of the infected one. Researchers have revealed that this variant might cause diseases that could be more severe or milder than the other variants. In the coming days. 

It has to be determined whether new vaccines would be needed for new variants or it could be evaded easily with the prevalent vaccines. These are the burning questions in the minds of researchers and most probably they will look forward to finding the answer to all this.

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