Georgian Mom Fatally Stabbed by Son in Thanksgiving Day Killing, Police Say

HIGH ALERT: On November 26, 2021, the police department announced that they found a Georgian woman dead in her house on Thanksgiving Day. The Georgian woman used to live in Lawrenceville with her eighteen-year-old son. Unfortunately, the son became the cause of the Georgia mom’s death.

The police officials have also confirmed this news that the Georgian mom was killed by none other than her son only. This crime has shocked the police even that how could a son kill his mother? 

What Exactly Happened?

According to the police officials, on Thursday afternoon, they received a call regarding a murder near block 1100 of Misty Valley Court. The moment police reached the house; they saw that a lady was lying dead. Later on, after the police investigation, the victim was identified.

Her name was Marcia Chance, and she was forty-two years old. Unluckily, the police could not save her as her severe injuries and wounds did not let her survive anymore, and she died on the spot at the crime scene.

Afterward, her son Varian Alexander Hibbert was apprehended by the police at the crime scene only and had been charged for offense murder, forced attack, and having a knife during the entire criminal process. The police themselves witnessed Hibbert holding the knife at the crime scene.

The actual cause of the crime has not been discovered yet, but the police are working hard to figure it out and resolve the matter.

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Marcia Chance’s Neighbors Opinion

The person who lives in the neighborhood of Marcia Chance, named Daniel Agbonze, told police that this sort of crime is spreading very rapidly in their area. Daniel mentioned about Marcia that she was an introverted person who used to mind her own business and concentrate on her work.

Whilst her son had some psychiatric issues, he was usually seen wandering around the roads and speaking to himself. But Daniel said that boy never seemed to be someone who could hurt you or kill you.

He said further that this is all clueless and unpredictable; no one would have thought that a person whom you see each day going out of their or coming back would vanish like that all of a sudden, and now you would not be seeing them ever again.

This all is so frantic and crazy. Along with that, people have started asking loads of questions regarding the crime, but there is nothing to answer them, said Daniel. 

Georgia mom

Furthermore, another neighbor named Guy Robinson told them that Marcia had three kids. It was her youngest son who called the police for help after the murder. She had an elder daughter, too, who had left the house.

Like Daniel, Robinson also mentioned the mental health issue Hibbert and the fact that he never troubled anyone, so no one was afraid of him. According to Robinson, the boy knew he needed help, and he felt sorry for the entire family.

Robinson used to alert everyone who used to come on a visit to Marcia’s house or his own house. Once, a friend called Robinson, telling him that Hibbert threatened him by pointing his hand as a gun towards him. 

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Police’s Statement Regarding the Case Details of Marcia Chance

The first court hearing is scheduled for Saturday at 8:30 am. Hibbert has been kept in a detention center named Gwinnett County Detention Center. As per the police statements, this is not the first time when Hibbert has gone against the laws.

Earlier also, he was taken into custody and was charged for damaging someone’s property and for making killing threats to people. Only two weeks would have passed after that incident when Hibbert was again arrested with the same sort of a case. 

To end it up, it is clear that the culprit, Hibbert, had serious psychological issues, and he was mentally sick. H

e needed proper care and treatment, but unfortunately, his mental health was neglected by his mother and maybe because he used to behave fine, normal, and not that violent in front of her mother or neighbors, but after listening to police statements, it is clear that Hibbert’s mental health situation provoked him to commit this crime and there might not be a need to investigate about “why” he did so?

Because it is obvious that he was not in his senses at all, so he did not need any motive or reason to do so, but yes, it is the right of Marcia Chance to get justice despite being killed by her son. Maybe Marcia Chance was not a good mother, or maybe she was doing something which provoked Hibbert to take such a step.

There are a lot of “maybes”, but the truth is only one, which needs to be revealed soon as this horrifying news has disturbed everyone and only one question is arising in everyone’s mind that “how could a son kill his mother?”.

A mother who raised him, who dealt with so much pain to bring him into this world, who loved him unconditionally, and who sacrificed her wills, desires, and happiness for his sake. Yet, the question exists, “WHY?”

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