Don’t Hesitate, Get a Covid Booster Now: Epidemiologist Urges

The makers of the COVID-19 vaccine are now rushing to develop boosters that integrate the capability to fight against the new Omicron variant.

In the meantime, epidemiologists along with President Biden are requesting Americans to get their doses of vaccine without any delay to fight against the virus. 

Still, the Number One Concern Is the Delta Variant and the New Variant Has Not Shown Any Symptoms to Concern About

Suzanne Judd is an epidemiologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health. When she was asked whether people should be waiting for Omicron-fighting shots, she was clearly expressed:

She said “Absolutely not,” adding further “In the United States, the number one concern is Delta. Omicron is not even really here yet.”

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Vaccines and Boosters Are Sufficient to Provide the Best Protection Against Virus

Her remarks were reverberated by Biden when he remarked on Monday about the risks of the Omicron variant, further adding that vaccines and boosters are capable enough to give the maximum protection.

Covid-19 Cases Surge in the Period of Last Two Weeks

The attention of epidemiologists remains aimed at the outbreak of the Delta variant across the nation, where coronavirus cases have seen a rise by three percent during the last 14 days, as per a New York Times study of public health data. The highest surge in cases is mostly seen in the Northeast, Midwest, and the state of Michigan.

COVID booster now

Judd said “We continue to see these waves in the U.S. where one region has a very high load and then it spreads to another region,” adding further “That’s one of the reasons we don’t ever really stamp it out.”

Coming to Omicron, just like other public health experts, Judd also warned that it’s too soon to say how dangerous it can be, neither in terms of spreading easily nor risks of critical illness. 

From the perception of one investor, the potential perpetuated urge for boosters is a good reason for purchasing a basket of biotech stocks. 

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Anastasia Amoroso, iCapital Network’s chief investment strategist said “A lot of these companies that are developing COVID vaccines and COVID treatments may be benefiting from an investable market that is larger than people have penciled in.” She suggests investors take into consideration the iShares Biotechnology ETF (IBB). 

She concluded “Also, is this only a 2022 story of boosters? That may not end up being the case if we end up with something like an annual booster shot. We don’t know yet, but we can’t rule it out.”

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