Gun Boom: FBI Ran 187,585 Background Checks on Black Friday Alone

On Black Friday 2021, around 187,585 National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS) checks were conducted by The FBI on the sale and transfer of guns.

According to the reports of The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the checks on Black Friday 2021 NICs have exceeded those of 2020, which reached 186,645.

In addition to that, it has been mentioned by NSSF that during the entire week, inclusive of those on Black Friday, the FBI executed nearly 687,788 NICS checks.

Joe Bertozzi, the president of NSSF extended his remarks over the incredible figure of background checks that was performed earlier this week:

“This figure of over 687,000 background checks is truly remarkable. This year has already been shaping up to be the second strongest year for firearm sales on record, second only to 2020’s record-breaking number of 21 million background checks for a firearm sale.

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We anticipate, based on annual data, that firearm sales will rise during the final month of the year coinciding with hunting seasons and holiday sales. This figure, though, underscores the appetite for lawful firearm ownership in America and the resilience of the firearm and ammunition industry to meet that demand.”

Gun Boom

The Number of Checks Conducted Last Month Is the Second-highest Ever

In 2021, background checks have been comparatively high, with the increased counts of NICS checks in last month that proved to be the second-highest number of checks ever for October.

The identical data has been noted for September also, which became the second-highest NICS checks of any September in the past years.

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The checks count of 2,626,389 NICS checks has been conducted in “September,” this year which is the second only in comparison to the 2,892,115 checks that were conducted last year in September.

This year, August and July, both months have experienced the second-highest count of NICS checks for each particular month as well.

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