Alec Baldwin Gives His First Interview Since the Fatal on-set Shooting

Alec Baldwin finally talks out in public in an hour-long interview, after the tragic on-set incident involving the death of the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust. The actor broke down in tears a few times during the interview.

Although the Halyna Hutchins case investigation is still ongoing, the actor openly talked about what happened on that day. 

Minutes Before the Incident

Baldwin said in the interview that the actor met with the cinematographer to rehearse the scene where he had to pull out a gun. When the two stood at the marking point, the actor said that the assistant director of the film, Dave Hall, handed him the gun.

He said that he was told by Hall that the gun was a “cold gun” which means that the gun is empty, in film terms. He then recalled that Hutchins was telling him where to point the gun when the gun went off. 

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Did He Pull the Trigger?

The most important question was answered by the actor if he pulled the trigger or not. Stephanopoulos asked the actor if he had (accidentally or not) pulled the trigger of the gun, to which the actor answered that he never pulled the trigger, he was not even supposed to.

The shot required the actor to just cock the gun and not shoot it. He never had his finger on the trigger guard. According to the counsel for Dave Halls, Halls has likewise claimed that Baldwin did not pull the trigger of the gun.

When asked about Baldwin, lawyer Lisa Torraco stated that her client had assured her that his finger was never on the trigger guard. The actor told Stephanopoulos that he pulled the hammer back and when he let go of the hammer, the gun fired. 

Alec Baldwin

After the Incident

When the gun was shot, the actor said that he stood still for the next 60 seconds. He said that the idea of having a real bullet on set was very strange for him. He did not realize that he had shot the woman unknowingly.

The first thought that came into the actor’s mind was that the woman had fainted. Baldwin was asked to leave the building by the medics team. The police arrived at scene 15 to 20 minutes later. Then, the next he heard about was that the woman had passed away, hours after the incident. 

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The Real Question; Where Did the Bullet Come From?

Baldwin said that he was agonized by the fact that someone had put a live bullet in the gun. The bullet was a 45 caliber. Baldwin said that he had met the film’s armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed before the shooting for rehearsals and according to the actor, the woman was capable.

Hannah has been the focus of most of the investigation. Her lawyer claims that she is being sabotaged as she ensured the lawyer that she did not place the round in the gun.

Does the Actor Hold Himself Responsible?

During the interview, the actor was shown a clip of George Clooney in which he told that he always checked the gun, and even showed the gun to all crew members before taking a shot with it. To which, the actor replied that he has had a fair share of his career with guns and he knows how to handle them.

He said that everybody has a protocol when handling a gun, and in his 40 years career, the protocol has never let him down. Baldwin does not hold himself guilty anymore. He even said that if he did feel like he had killed the woman, he would have killed himself.

He said that he was told that the weapon was safe by the crew members assigned to check the weapons. Despite a resignation over the safety issue before Ms. Hutchins’ death, Baldwin, who was also a producer on the film, said that he was not informed that the staff members had concerns about the safety measures on the sets. 

The investigation of the case is still ongoing and it’s yet to be found who was guilty. Baldwin says that he knows that it’s someone’s fault but it’s not him. 

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