Jon Gruden’s Email Scandal Was a Professional Hit Job,’ Brent Musburger Says

Brent Musburger, the American sportscaster and Raiders’ radio play-by-play voice, believes that the John Gruden email scandal was a pre-planned “hit job.”

The American coach was forced to resign when his emails were leaked to the Walls Street Journal and the New York Times which had content that was misogynistic and racist.

Who Is Jon Gruden?

Jon David Gruden is an American football coach who spent 15 seasons as the head coach of a team in the National Football League (NFL). At the age of 39, he became the youngest coach to win the Super Bowl at that time.

He then returned home as the Raiders’ head coach in 2018. After it was officially disclosed that he wrote racist, misogynistic, and homophobic letters between 2011 and 2018, he was forced to resign during the 2021 season.

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The Email Scandal

After racist, homophobic, and sexist language was revealed in emails he sent, Jon Gruden resigned as the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders earlier this season. The emails were collected as part of a Washington Football Team investigation into workplace misconduct.

In addition to Gruden’s emails, former general manager Bruce Allen and other NFL executives were named in the leak. Many believe that the WFT owner Dan Snyder or the NFL was deliberately leaking emails to hide the bigger chunk, which may cause bigger problems for the league.

Jon Gruden's

Dan Snyder is the person responsible for the investigation in the first place but not receiving any kind of fallout from the leaks made the people question the circumstance. Since then, Gruden has stated that the truth will come out regarding the emails.

He also launched a lawsuit against the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell, alleging that the emails were part of a coordinated effort to ruin his coaching career.

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Musburger’s Say in the Case

Musburger is a great sportscaster who has had a long and illustrious career. He has a better vision than most of us. He believes that whoever leaked the coach’s emails was a professional hitman, as he stated in an interview with the sports network.

He meant that it wasn’t just a random leak, but a well-thought-out strategy to compel the coach to retire. He also included other elements that he thought would support his allegations.

He speculated that whoever released the emails might have sent them to journalists such as Adam Schefter, who try to break stories before concluding. Instead, he turned to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and Brent realized he was dealing with a professional.

Musburger claimed that the NFL was not the one that released the emails because there were so many players engaged and they all had their interests in mind. Brent believes Gruden should have been punished for an extended period but should still be in charge of the Raiders. 

The Raiders are now being coached by Rich Bisaccia, the former special team’s coordinator.

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