Covid-19 Omicron Variant Is Found In 1st Indiana Patient!

As per the announcement made by state health officials on Sunday, tests have recorded the first known case of the omicron variant of COVID-19 in Indiana.

The Indiana Department of Health said that the omicron infection was found in a test sample taken from an unvaccinated resident of Indiana. No details were released about the patient, with the health department claiming privacy laws.

It was further shared from the Health Department that the test sample was taken on the 9th of December and this weekend, the omicron variant was found.

According to health authorities, Indiana was one of the seven states in which omicron had not been discovered so far, after first being detected earlier this month.

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Covid Cases Surge to Result in a Higher Rate of Hospitalization as Well as in Deaths

This month, Indiana is recording nearly forty deaths per day due to COVID, and hospitalizations with the severity of illness have reached 3,000 people for the first time in almost a year amidst the state’s continuing infection spike, as per a record from the state health department.

COVID-19 omicron

That has increased nearly 150 percent in the last five weeks since the state’s hospitals are flooded with the highest number of patients ever. 

Dr. Kristina Box who is a State Health Commissioner stated that the detection of the omicron variant highlights the need for COVID-19 vaccinations since more time is being spent indoors by people and they assemble for holiday get-togethers.

Box said “COVID-19 cases are on the rise across Indiana, and we do not want this variant to increase the burden on our already strained healthcare system,” adding further “While we are still learning about omicron, we already have the tools and knowledge we need to protect ourselves and the people we love from COVID-19.”

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