Squad Member Pressley Demands the Return of Massachusetts Mask Mandate

The member of the “squad “of democratic lawmakers Ayanna Pressley has demanded Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker to re-impose the indoor mask policy as the new variant Omicron spreads across the country. 

Why Baker Has Not Issued a Mask Mandate

The Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker has issued a mask advisory but not the mask mandate as he believes that a majority of the residents have been vaccinated and some of the residents have also received booster shots as well.

A new case in today’s date would not mean the same as it meant a year ago. He says that the holiday season is here and the families are getting together to spend a memorable time and he doesn’t want the people to sacrifice their holidays again as they did a year ago.

He has advised the residents to get vaccinated and protect themselves as well as their families. Thus, a new and updated mask advisory was introduced which recommends that people, not required, wear a mask in public gatherings.

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Baker made it very clear that he does not want to impose another strict mask policy, keeping in mind all the resources available. 

What Does Ayanna Pressley Have to Say?

New COVID 19 mandates were announced in Boston which required everyone to show proof of vaccination when dining in a restaurant. She also demanded the Governor to impose a strict indoor mask mandate throughout the state.

She believes that masks are an easy and effective way of protecting the residents from the deadly virus and to prevent the spread of this new variant Omicron, especially in the traditional months of regular cold and flu.

Squad member
Squad member

The lawmaker also pointed out that the state has already had 20000 deaths and about a million new cases. Pressley says that the Omicron variant is more contagious and as we continue towards a winter surge, the threat is even more.

Thus the policymakers must prioritize public health and safety to keep everyone safe and happy.

The Response of Charlie Baker

The letter of Ayanna Pressley was not enough to convince the Governor to impose the indoor mask mandate in the state.

He still said that the data and statistics showed that the vaccines are highly effective against the virus and that the only thing that he would emphasize is to get vaccinated, or if eligible, get a booster shot.

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However, Pressley urged the governor to adopt a strategy set by the state legislature and supported by epidemiologists, public health specialists, physicians, and frontline community leaders.

She stated that at this moment, the people deserved decisive leadership and evidence-based measures to reduce the transmission of CoronaVirus and called on the lawmakers to heed the advice of public health experts and pass a statewide plan to keep the community safe.

The stance of Ayanna Pressley for the protection of the citizens of Massachusetts is justified. The governor does not want to impose strict policies amid the holiday season to let the people enjoy life as they did before the Coronavirus.

However, the advisory issued by the government recommends that people, especially the one with an underlying medical condition or others who are potentially at risk if they may come in contact with the virus, wear a mask.

The governor knows that the upcoming weeks would be crucial for the health and safety teams. 

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