Spider-man: No Way Home’ $536m+ Domestic Box Office Bests’ Rogue One’, ‘Dark Knight’ 

Tuesday Box Office Figures

To all the skeptics who claim that the epidemic and streaming have wiped off theatergoing, Sony/Spider-Man: Marvel’s No Way Home recently topped Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s final domestic total of $515.2 million with $516.4 million.

No Way Home has officially surpassed Spider-Man: Far from Home’s $1.13 billion worldwide GDP to become Sony’s highest-grossing film.

On Tuesday, the picture earned $28.4 million, raising its total to $644.9 million.

Before Covid shut down movie theatres, Rise of Skywalker was one of the last pre-pandemic tentpoles (along with Sonic the Hedgehog, 1917, and Bad Boys for Life).

Spider-Man: No Way Home did it in 12 days in the United States, while Rise of Skywalker took 91 days. No Way Home is already Sony’s highest-grossing domestic picture, ranking No. 14 on the all-time domestic box office chart and the No. 5 MCU title in the United States.

According to Sony, no Way Home grossed $21.3 million on Tuesday, down from $24.75 million on Monday.

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No Way Home comes in fourth place among blockbuster Christmas movies released on Tuesdays, after 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($29.5 million), 2017’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($27.7 million), and 2018’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($27.7 million).

Spiderman Vs. Everyone

If that weren’t enough to entice you, consider the domestic B.O. for the Jon Watts-directed sequel, which has been running for 12 days: No Way Home is currently 9 percent ahead of 2018’s Avengers:

Infinity War ($472 million/final B.O. $678.8 million), 22 percent ahead of Last Jedi ($423.3 million/final $620.1 million), and 52 percent ahead of Rogue One ($340.6 million/final $532.1 million, a number that Spidey will soon surpass).

Spider-Man: No Way Home
Spider-Man: No Way Home

In addition, through 12 days, No Way Home has outperformed Black Panther by 22% ($421.9M/final $700M). However, no Way Home is lagging behind the two top-grossing films at the American box office, Star Wars:

The Force Awakens ($936.6M) and Avengers: Endgame ($858.3M), by -14 percent and -20 percent, respectively. Overall, No Way Home is the third-fastest film to surpass $500 million in the United States.

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The Third-weekend Hold for Spider-man:

No Way Home is predicted to be better than the -68 percent in Weekend 2. Lower-than-expected statistics were due to lower-than-expected ticket sales on Christmas Eve.

However, even though Friday is New Year’s Eve, the business should be better this weekend.

Sing 2, from Illumination/Universal, finished in second place on Tuesday with $7.8 million, up 5% from Monday and bringing the week’s total to $54.78 million.

That’s down 41% from the first Sing’s $93 million in its first seven days, which also debuted on a Wednesday, but up 27% from Disney’s Thanksgiving Wednesday opener Encanto ($43.2 million, current running total $89.3 million).

The Matrix Resurrections, a Warner Bros./Village Roadshow film that is simultaneously airing in homes on HBO Max, is expected to gross $1.6 million on Tuesday, down 6% from Monday, for a seven-day total of $24.5 million.

The King’s Man, a 20th Century Studios/Disney film, appears to have charted $1.4 million in fourth place, up from Disney’s projected $1.38 million on Monday, for a seven-day total of $12.4 million.

Matthew Vaughn’s MARV funded the prequel, and 20th Century Studios/Disney received a distribution fee. So, following Disney’s miscalculation with this prequel, is there hope for The Kingsmen? Is everything on Hulu and Disney+?

West Side Story, the Steven Spielberg musical from 20th Century Fox/Amblin/Disney, was in the sixth position on Tuesday with an estimated $874K, down 3% from Monday’s $903K for a running total of $25.7M.

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Again, older audiences (35+) who aren’t ready to go to the movies during the Omicron boom are difficult for the film.

Note that these musicals are often performed in the Northeast, which, as NRG noted last weekend, is one region of the country that is currently afraid of going to the movies.

Lionsgate’s American Underdog, an adult flick, is in fifth place with $1.29 million, up 2% from Monday. This is because it appeals to those in red states unconcerned about the epidemic. The film directed by the Erwin Brothers grossed $8.4 million in its first four days.

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