Biden Walks on Eggshells as Approval Sinks, Far-left Loses Confidence, and Gop ‘Ready to Pounce’

Since President Biden and the Democratic Party get into a furious midterm election year, some liberals within his party are on the brink of challenging him in 2024.

Multiple Democratic strategists believe that a progressive will try to get into the 2024 preliminary race as an opponent to President Biden, according to a Politico report.

A former presidential campaign manager for Senator Bernie Sanders, Jeff Weaver said “Will there be a progressive challenger? Yes,”

Who Might Challenge President Biden?

Some think that Nina Turner or then 2020 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson might be an opponent to President Biden.

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In explaining President Biden, another progressive strategist stated that he is “deeply unpopular” and “old as sh–.”

A former communications director for Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, and co-founder of No Excuses PAC, Corbin Trent said “He’s deeply unpopular. He’s old as sh–.

He’s largely been ineffective unless we’re counting judges or whatever the hell inside-baseball scorecard we’re using. And I think he’ll probably get demolished in the midterms.”

Progressive activists are also starting to accuse the president of his lack of action on important issues like climate change.


Group Asking President Biden to Declare “Climate Emergency”

Between December 25 and January 1, a team called “Occupy Biden” established a camp near President Biden’s residence in Delaware, urging that he announce a “climate emergency.”

A spokesperson for the team slammed President Biden for not taking sufficient steps when it comes to climate change.

On Saturday, a spokesperson for Occupy Biden, Karen Igou, told Fox News that “We do understand that an administration that at least believes and asserts that the climate crisis is real is an asset.

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But in a time of emergency, we must act to do everything possible to avert catastrophe.”

Whilst President Biden is being slammed more and more by progressives, from matters like Build Back Better to climate change, some are in doubt that any primary challenger would succeed.

Lee Carter, a Republican Pollster said “I think when you look at the AOC and the Bernies, they’re disappointed that the deal was struck by the end of this year.

I think they feel like he’s sold out. I think that they were disappointed with any compromise that he made,” adding further “They’re ready to pounce on him.”

However, Carter isn’t sure that criticism will reach that point where President Biden is opposed in a preliminary in 2024, but stated that progressives will attempt to force him as far to the left as he’ll go.

Carter said “I think that President Biden is in a very difficult position because he’s got to make concessions to the far left,” adding “But then he’s also got people like Joe Manchin that he’s got to make sure he doesn’t lose.”

As of now, the criticism President Biden is getting is crossing beyond Washington, D.C. as well, since currently, he has an approval rating of only 43 percent in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, stated that a major problem for President Biden is his incompetency to efficiently message on regions where his administration may be performing quite well enough.

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Miringoff said “The economy has some problems, but you know those areas where it’s very strong.

But people have doubts and are uncertain because they’re not focusing on that part of it. So, we’re hearing about inflation, but not unemployment, and not the GDP. And there are things that he could point to. He hasn’t been very effective at doing.”

Miringoff said that he believes it’s a probability for a Democrat to oppose President Biden, but claims that it’s not going to be any sort of so-called big name.

He added “If a Democrat runs, it would be viewed as divisive within the party and is likely not to attract a marquee candidate. I think it might be someone who is still looking to raise some issues and create some attention.”

President Biden Is an Excellent Spot With an Eye to Re-election

Democratic strategist and former Biden campaign surrogate Kevin Walling cast aside the presumption of a progressive threat to President Biden in 2024, saying that people like Nina Turner would not succeed.

He said “With all due respect to Nina Turner, there is a reason that she was unsuccessful in her Democratic primary for Congress.

Turns out that running against a popular Democratic president and a member of her party is not a winning strategy.

I think any talk of a potential primary challenge is not just premature, but also misguided and just noise to put pressure on the president from his left flank,” adding that President Biden is at an “excellent spot with an eye to re-election.”

Walling said, “He has delivered on some major progressive goals including on education, combating climate change, and social program investments as well as passing the largest bipartisan infrastructure investment in decades – a huge priority for more centrist members of our party.”

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