New CNBC Poll Shows an Increase in Biden’s Disapproval Rating

Biden’s disapproval has undergone a massive change since his term began. A new high had been recorded and the Tuesday poll clearly stated how unhappy people are with the Biden government. 

Biden’s Disapproval Rate

To brief, his current disapproval rating is 44% after the CNBC Change Research Poll results were disclosed. According to the survey, almost 56% of voters were not in support of Biden’s performance.

It’s almost a year since Biden was elected as the President and the people are gradually getting frustrated with his overall work. 

Back in September, the disapproval rating was 49%. In April, Biden’s approval rate was 51%. So, one can see the big change that happened over his 1-year term in office. 

This can be considered as the latest matter of concern for Biden since the 2022 midterm elections are just around the corner. Biden needs to sort and arrange multiple economic as well as political problems to maintain power. 

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Reasons Behind Disapproval

As 2022 comes with a lot of challenges, the White House seems to be struggling. The recent inflation has created turmoil in the economy. Prices are high and besides that, the healthcare sector is in danger.

The surge of the omicron variant has brought in a fresh set of covid cases which keeps increasing every day. Also, the Build Back Better Act needs to be resurrected for benefiting the Americans. 

But the main reason behind the decline in Biden’s popularity is the messed-up economy.

Almost all the individuals belonging to different races, having different ages and professions agreed that the economy is the major reason that they disapprove of Biden.

Black respondents, on the other hand, had put racism as their first reason and economy to be the second. 

There has been a rapid 6 points decline in approval since September. The poll has 1895 respondents in total and 60% disapproved. 

Biden disapproval
Biden disapproval

Now, 72% of voters are claiming to be unhappy with the everyday prices, and 66% aren’t approving his efforts to provide money in the citizen’s wallets.

It is to be noted that the results of this poll were gathered between December 17th to 20th, when the market was considered to be having its best years in all these decades.

This is a remarkable feat as the three major U.S. equity indexes confirmed the double-digit gain that happened during the 2021 holiday season. Usually, the average remained somewhere around 7% to 8%.

So, it’s clear that Biden is certainly not able to convince the citizens about the changes he is making. To be honest, this year has been amongst the few best years of the stock market and the Democrats are failing to show the voters about this massive progress. 

If you look up at the unemployment rate, it has gone down from 6.3% and is currently sitting at 4.2%. Also, there has been a hike in hourly earnings. The recent average hourly earnings have spiked up to 4.8%.

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Coming to vaccinations, 234 million or 73% of the population have successfully been injected with at least a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Another 6 million people have been vaccinated in the early January of 2022.

It is quite evident that Biden needs to do more to restore the faith of the citizens in him. There is already a thin majority in the House as well as Senate. So, the midterm elections are quite vital.

Only time can tell if 2022 is going to be a better year for the Biden government. What do you think? Is there any chance to increase Biden’s approval in the year 2022? Let’s wait for the results.

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