As Omicron Spreads, Will Colleges Go Online, Require Covid Booster Shots? What Do We Know?

Some Updates Regarding the Covid Situation

As the fourth wave of coronavirus “omicron” has started to capture the world again, the day-to-day human activities and the normal lifestyle of every individual are going to get affected adversely and drastically once again.

These effects include the loss of quality of education of students worldwide. College and university students are having a major loss of the golden period of their educational life.

All of the students are all set to join their respective schools, and colleges for the beginning of new academic sessions but unfortunately the fourth wave of covid is becoming a hindrance in the way of the start of the new academic session as the number of positive covid cases are rising rapidly again. 

Further Details Regarding the Functioning of Educational Institutions

The universities that are close to the residential areas or are located within the residential areas are at a high risk to get affected by the covid especially during the beginning of the new academic year as there would be more human interaction and would become a more populated area.

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Specifically, numerous students have to travel from one city to another city or from one state to another state to study in a particular institution. These students have to live in college or university hostels are they are very far from their homes.

Living in hostels means more human interaction as students would share rooms with their roommates, hence they would be exposed to the virus more, and the chance of being infected would increase. 

In this regard, some institutions have already announced that the beginning classes of the new sessions would be conducted online initially for a few weeks.

omicron spreads
omicron spreads

The rest who are deciding to conduct the sessions physically say that giving guidelines virtually is still an option that they can think about considering.

Many institutions which became a bit polite in the implementation of covid precautionary measures have now again announced a strict implementation of those policies and that strict actions would be taken against the ones who would be found disobeying the rules.

The number of institutions that are thinking to start taking online classes is increasing. This list includes numerous renowned and prestigious institutions namely: Georgetown University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Michigan State University, University of California, University of Hawaii, Jackson State University, and many others. 

On the other hand, several universities are planning to delay the start of their new academic sessions as they are willing to conduct the classes on campus whenever they resume. These universities include Howard University and Tennessee State University.

Few ones like Louisiana State University have given their teaching faculty the full authority to decide whether they would prefer to take the classes online or a few days online and a few days physically.

Moreover, the institutions that have firmly decided to continue with on-campus sessions are the University of Florida, Pennsylvania State University, University of California, and Brown University. 

But it is expected that the institutions may change their decision regarding the functioning of upcoming sessions whether it be on campus or virtually.

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The studies show that around ten percent of the institutions out of four hundred have reviewed their decision regarding the opening of institutions.

Perhaps, students should be prepared for all sorts of final decisions as a lot of variations are expected in the final decision of opening of institutions.

Institutions may decide to offer on-campus classes by saying that they would strictly implement mask-wearing, social distancing policies and may conduct vaccination campaigns within the institutions and screening may also be done. 

The Compulsion of Vaccination and Booster Doses

Many institutions have asked their students to get vaccinated but quite a lot are demanding proof of vaccinations to attend the classes physically.

Institutions like the University of New Mexico, Duke University, Oregon State University, and Princeton University have asked their students to get their booster doses.

New York has made it compulsory for all the universities to get their booster shots if they want to take classes physically. Many institutions are also launching and organizing booster campaigns on their campuses to facilitate the students to get their booster shots. 

Getting booster shots is not that easy because many students may not be eligible for the shot before the start of their academic session due to the restricted fulfillment of the required period after the second dose of vaccine before getting the booster shots.

Hence, for such cases, students and their parents must submit proof of their vaccination to the institutions.

Colorado State University is cooperating in this matter with the students by allowing them in getting their booster doses from the campus only as early as possible after the completion of the required period so that students do not have to go here and there for their booster dose. 

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Many other universities like the Queen’s University of Charlotte, University of Cincinnati, Emory University, and Ohio University are also helping students in this time of need by accepting their vaccination proofs and allowing them to attend the classes and some are switching towards the option of conducting online sessions because of the booster dose issue so that till then students can get their booster shots done. 

While the institutions are ready to cooperate this much, it is the responsibility of students and their families to make sure that they implement all the precautionary measures and policies and furnish the proof of vaccinations to their earliest as it is going to be in the benefit of their children. Therefore, stay safe and maintain social distance too. 


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