NFL World Reacts to the Adam Schefter Injury News

NFL Live released unusual breaking news on Wednesday. Adam Schefter, the 55-year-old sports journalist for ABC Network’s ESPN channel announced the Weekly Injury Report for the NFL season.

However, this time in Week 18’s report, he included himself on the injured list, citing a knee injury. 

Schefter is the NFL insider for ESPN since 2009, after pursuing a career in journalism. He also has experienced the mediums of radio and movies in his career.

He wrote for newspapers like the Denver Post. He also served for the NFL Network, before his current job at ESPN.

NFL Live’s hosts and the entire ESPN team were concerned for Adam Schefter and wished him a speedy recovery. You must be wondering by now, how exactly did Adam Schefter get injured? And how bad is his knee injury? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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How Did Adam Schefter Get His Knee Injured?

Adam Schefter says that he did not notice exactly when his knee got twisted, but he feels that the “Griddy hit him” on the NFL countdown as he gridded to show his excitement. Adam Schefter claims that his knee started giving him trouble soon after that.

Currently, he has gotten an MRI scan done on his knee and will be able to disclose more details when he receives the results.

If you are not familiar with the Griddy, let’s give you the 411 on this little celebration that has become a popular trend in the world of the NFL.

Adam Schefter Injury
Adam Schefter Injury

What Is the Griddy?

NFL fans and even Fortnite players are familiar with this move. It is a series of dance moves that originated in New Orleans by a friend of Justin Jefferson, named Allen Davis.

Allen Davis a.k.a ‘Lil Griddy was a high school freshman, back in 2017, when he invented these dance moves that included clipping your heels and throwing all your B’s.

Allen Davis was inspired by the Nae Nae Dance craze that was popular back then and so he decided to create his version. 

Throwing your B’s means making the Big Billionaire signs by curving your fingers and bringing the thumb and index finger together to form a circle. You then look through the circles formed by both of your hands. 

Allen Davis had then posted his smooth moves online, and by the time he woke up, numerous videos had been sent to his account by his followers, who tried to mimic his dance. He quickly named the dance move after his nickname, dropping the ‘Lil.

This dance became viral, however, its real fame came around when Allen Davis taught these moves to his High School team as a pregame.

Later, Davis went into the LSU’s where he met Justin Jefferson, who quickly mastered this cool dance move and turned it into a celebration dance instead. 

Although the Griddy was first done by another player in the NFL, Jefferson made sure to put his twist to the dance move when he got the chance to finally perform it in that season. Justin Jefferson later said that he wanted to be known as the King of the Griddy in NFL.

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The reaction of the NFL fans to Adam Schefter’s Injury

All the NFL fans were worried for Adam Schefter, however, they found it amusing that the injury took place as a consequence of dancing the ‘Griddy’. Fans replied to the official tweet by ESPN,  some of which were:

“The dreaded non-contact injury. Turf monster got Schefty.”

“This is hilarious.”

“Gotta Love Him.”

NFL fans enjoy the Griddy, along with all the people in the football fraternity. Since its inception, Griddy has continued to be popular among the football folk, which is the reason why Adam Schefter was also seen ‘Griddying’ to the occasion in this NFL season.


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