Stimulus Check 2022: Live Updates on Fourth Stimulus Check, Tax Refunds & Other Federal Programmes

Citizens hoping for fourth stimulus checks, there might be bad news. There isn’t any confirmation or update from the federal government about the fourth stimulus checks.

But still, numerous financial support programs can help Americans fight the crisis in this pandemic situation. State governments have taken the matter into their hands and have launched several incentive programs. 

Updates on Fourth Stimulus Check

The rising economic concerns around the US have led to such a decision. Thus, the government will be releasing financial aid to provide support during difficult times. Now, Americans may not be getting another round of federal funds.

But state governments have received aid and so, these funds will be allocated to help the citizens in dire need. Americans need to look for these programs as the states are going to announce them soon.  

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Other Federal Programs

A couple of more stimulus checks have been introduced and the federal government has still kept some of the programs active.

The new covid 19 variant has resurfaced and business, as well as offices, are again shutting down. This is a critical period for a majority of Americans. Some have already lost jobs and many may lose jobs soon. 

It is completely upon the states to decide how they want to compartmentalize the funds.  Besides, there will be another Child Tax Credit payment of a maximum of $1,800. It is supposed to be distributed in April. 

Many families have got their half share of child tax credit payment during 2021. The other half will be credited in April 2022, just when the tax season is settling down.

Now, the White House as well as the Treasury Department had launched a new website along with Code for America. This site will be a platform where Americans can directly apply to enjoy the facilities of an expanded child tax credit system.  

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The unemployment refunds are still active and the US government will be rolling out payments in the upcoming days.

Also, the IRS or Internal Revenue Service delayed the procedure of 2020 tax returns. Since the filing was pushed, there might be a delay in receiving the refunded amount.

Even though the federal unemployment benefits have come to an end on September 6th, 2021 and the state has also paused these benefits, there are still certain unemployment benefits that they can receive.

Congress was forced to help over 9.3 million people who were affected by the unemployment benefits cut.  

Medicare facilities have always been available for senior citizens of 65 years or above. It is a federal insurance program operated by the US health department.

Even young people who suffer from disabilities and Americans suffering from the end-stage renal disease can also benefit from it. 

Cost-of-living adjustment or COLA payments were sent to almost 70 million Americans. There was a 5.9% increase in these payments in 2022 alone. 

Another federal benefit that is designed to help the citizens with their basic requirement of food, shelter, as well as clothing, is Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.

Through this SNAP program, people can buy nutritional food so that they do not have any deficit of nutrients. Healthy foods are usually on the costlier side and many have already received these benefits.

States like New York are constantly raising these benefits from October 2021. So, eligible candidates can get anywhere from 680 dollars to 835 dollars for meeting daily requirements.

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The Drawback 

One of the major drawbacks is the disapproval of Build Back Better. This act could have helped the citizens in multiple ways and would have increased social security. Since Congress failed to pass it, there is no news about the extension of child credit payments.

However, the pending amount of child tax credit payment that is yet to be received by certain eligible candidates is going to be sent out soon. 

So, let’s hope to see the fourth stimulus and keep the eyes still on the further programs of the government.

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  1. I am so glad we have the 3 checks we had last year and unemployment was raised but a lot of people wouldn’t go back to work because they was drawing a lot ( more than working ) I wished I could work but I have lupus and fibromyalgia so I think whoever can work they need to and save money for everyone retirement. Thank you very much


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