Top Ozark-like Series: 6 Shows to Watch While Waiting for Ozark Season 4

Indeed, amongst the best Netflix shows, Ozark is coming to an end after Season 4. The Byrde family drama is going to be hugely missed and for the right reasons.

To provide a bit of recap, Marty Byrde has moved to Ozark but has a criminal past. He is actively part of money laundering. Also, his business slowly became successful and he had made quite a several enemies. 

Ozark Season 4 is going to be the final season and will start streaming on January 21, 2022. But the dates were declared only for the first seven episodes till now.  

Now, if you want more of Ozark, well, that will not happen after season 4. So, we have listed the top shows that are full of family secrets, violence, crime, and a lot more. These Ozark-like shows will keep you hooked.

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Breaking Bad

If you haven’t heard about Breaking Bad, then you might be living under a rock. When Ozark was first released, people guessed that it would be just another attempt to recreate this iconic AMC show.

Ozark may have some similarities to Breaking Bad but it is still different. Breaking Bad is about Walter White’s journey in the world of crime and cooking high-quality meth.

The journey started with the intention of protecting his family but as his ranks in the crime world got higher, it started putting his family in danger. You will just get addicted to the series.  

Narcos (Mexico)

You can see Ozark dealing with Mexican drug cartels, Narcos (Mexico) is just an extended series of Netflix’s hit show Narcos.

This series focuses on the complicated drug wars among trafficking rings of the 1980s and DEA’s constant effort to prevent the sale of drugs. It will always keep the viewers engaged with its amazing storyline and acting.  

The Outsider

Impressed by Jason Bateman’s performance in Ozark? Then you must watch his hit drama series on HBO Max, The Outsider. In this series, Bateman is seen playing the role of Little League coach who is suspected to have killed a young boy.

Based on the popular The Outsiders, a Stephen King book, the entire series is captivating. The blue moody tones, the chilling performance, everything looks perfect.  



People who enjoyed watching Marty’s quick wit in Ozark will admire the role of Patty Hewes as well as Ellen Parsons in Damages. This ongoing conflict depicted in this legal thriller has five interesting seasons.

It started airing back in 2007 on FX and Direct TV. Viewers will see how two strong, independent women grow suspicious about each other’s actions and there isn’t anything boring at all.

Even the lawyerly stuff is made interesting. It is currently available on Hulu, Starz and you must not miss this series. 

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Queen of South

If you want to be served with high drama, then this is it. Similar to Ozark, it will show how a poor Mexican woman falls in love with a cartel member. However, after his sudden murder, she is been chased.

The protagonist then opens her drug distribution ring and seeks revenge on the drug cartel that killed her lover. You can tune into Netflix and watch this show. 

The Mosquito Coast

Based on the Fox family’s unusual ways of living, hiding to be very specific, this series is quite interesting. It has been adapted from the famous Paul Theroux novel with the same name.

The viewers can see how the family is finding ways to live when U.S. authorities as well as crime leaders are constantly behind them. It is available on Apple TV and season 2 is soon going to be released.

Ozark Season 4 will be streaming on Netflix this January and instead of waiting, start binge-watching the series recommended by us.

You are surely going to feel the thrill and explore some of the best scripts while watching these popular series. So, which one will you start with?

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