Is Ray Donovan Season 8 Renewed or Canceled? (News Confirmed)

Ray Donovan is an American crime drama television series created by Ann Biderman for the network Showtime. The first season consisted of 12 episodes that aired on June 30, 2013.

The drama revolves around Ray Donovan (played by Liev Schreiber), who is a professional “fixer” and arranges for evidence corrupting, bribes, threats, payoffs, and other unlawful activities for high-profile clients.

The lead character Donovan is best at what he performs as he is strict and exact. There is a tough relationship between his wife and brother and he likes to spend his time with his kids. Problems arise since Ray’s sinful father is discharged from prison before the stipulated time.

Since its premiere, the series has premiered seven seasons. The viewers and critics also have praised the series for its gripping concept and also for the amazing performances by Live Schreiber and Jon Voight.

Audiences would love to see Ray and his family yet again after the story of the seventh season since rumors started spreading over whether or not the original network would take the show back.

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Ray Donovan is among the most popular series of Showtime, with great reviews and record-high viewership after its debut. 

The showrunners have continued to entertain us with action and thrillers for the last seven seasons. The seventh season of the series premiered on November 17, 2019, and fans became so excited to watch the thrilling story another season brings for them.

When the program first premiered, we saw the same original characters coming back to the game to reprise their roles and extend the criminal world’s game.

Ray Donovan Season 8: Will It Be Renewed or Cancelled?

Ray Donovan Season 7 premiered on November 17, 2019, and concluded on January 19, 2020. As of the series’ critical situations, and as the writers of the series have given indications at the probability of an eight-season.

Sadly, fans who have been waiting for the eighth season won’t be able to see any further renewal of the series. On February 14, 2020, Showtime announced the cancellation of the sitcom after its seventh season. 

And on February 24, 2020, the home network confirmed its plan to come with a feature-length movie to wrap the storyline.

Ray Donovan Season 8
Ray Donovan Season 8

What Is the Reason Behind the Cancellation of Ray Donovan Season 8?

When the news of the show’s cancellation broke, viewers were taken aback since they had great hopes for it. Viewers were clamoring for a new season after being dissatisfied with the last one.

The anger and annoyance of the fans resulted in a lot of speculation. Audiences have been requesting another season of the series.

Twitter has been flooded with tweets related to Season 8 of the show and after information on the cancellation of the show came out, enraged audiences took to social media to express their anger.

David Hollander said of the announcement of the cancellation “We had no notion that the program was ending.”

He said that the eighth season has a possibility of taking place. He claimed we were acting as if we were in the middle of a sentence. It was clear that no conclusion would ever be there. “This was not the final installment in the series.”

The fans were waiting for a long time for Ray Donovan Season 8. Following the show being terminated in 2020, fans have been requesting the eighth season.

Consequently, considering the number of requests that the audience made, the creators responded positively and decided to come up with a concluding film.

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Ray Donavan Plot

Ray Donovan Season 7 ends with the Donovan family having a confrontation with their distressing past and getting ready for a skeptical fate under the light of the Sullivans.

Ray plays mischief with the Sullivan family’s wealth following learning the fact regarding Bridget’s demise. Smitty and Declan are killed in a war, and Daryll almost kills his father, Mickey.

The final chapter is scheduled to begin with events that took place right after the ending of the seventh season. Outraged Ray is on a mission to prevent Mickey from causing any further suffering.

To link the story altogether, the new feature film will revolve around the Donovan/Sullivan conflict back to Mickey’s original story 20 years earlier, moving back and forth between historical reflections and present events.

Ray Donovan Season 8 Will There Be a Sequel Movie?

The creators of the show decided to speak up regarding the cancellation of Season 8 of Ray Donovan following they received a heap of criticisms. Several issues were required to be taken into consideration by the showrunners after the seventh season concluded on a shaky note, but they couldn’t.

Fans criticized the writers of the show for not concluding the show with a relevant ending as soon as it premiered. The backlashes and anger were amongst the elements that led to the show’s recovery. The eighth season has already been canceled, and so a follow-up is in process.

According to the confirmation from the officials, Ray Donovan would come back with the film which airs next Friday on its original network Showtime and obviously with this all the fans are just excited.

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