Republican Mccarthy Vows to Remove Democrats From the Committee on Winning Back the House 

The midterm elections are going to happen soon and the competition is hard.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy vows to take necessary actions to remove three specific Democratic Reps. from the committee assignments if they win back seats after midterm elections.   

Last year, the Democrats had made a “new standard” when they decided on removing GOP Reps. namely Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia as well as Paul Gosar of Arizona.

They lost their positions in the committee for making posts that were disrespectful and angered many Americans.  

Why Were Republicans Removed?

In 2021, Republican Rep. Paul Gosar uploaded a photoshopped video that depicted violence and aggression. The animated video that was posted on his Instagram and Twitter account showed the Republican Rep. killing Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by using a sword.

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This angered the citizens who couldn’t agree on having someone freely provoking violence. He was not only removed from the committee but even censured for posting such an insensible video.

Similar actions were taken against Greene since her violent statements resurfaced soon after she was assigned to the committee.

As these people represent the country as a whole, they should be an example of peace and not violence. So, in February, she was immediately removed from any sort of committee duties.

The removal decision was based on these but McCarthy has something else to say. In an interview with Breitbart, McCarthy claimed to make changes by stripping Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff as well as Eric Swalwell of California who belongs to the House Intelligence Committee.

Also, Ilhan Omar representing Minnesota and serving on the House Foreign Affairs Committee will be freed from her committee assignments.  

McCarthy vows
McCarthy vows

During the interview, McCarthy said, “The Democrats have created a new thing where they’re picking and choosing who could be on the committee. Never in history have you had the majority tell the minority who could be on the committee. 

Giving reply to this, Swalwell claimed McCarthy’s vow to be “purely for retaliation”. He made this statement while talking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “He’s targeting me and he’s targeting Schiff and he’s targeting Ms. Omar because we’re effective. Not for any other reason.” 

Mccarthy’s Vows Started in November?

This isn’t the first time that McCarthy has made such claims. He was previously heard saying that on winning the house, he is ready to terminate many of the Reps. from House Democrats from their seats. 

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“[House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi has set new policies here. Those same members that I talked about in my speech … voted for these new policies,” the California Republican passed this comment in November and referred to Schiff, Omar, Swalwell, and Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters. “This isn’t about threats, but it’s about holding people accountable.”

Pelosi said to CNN that she is sure that the retaliation plan will not work out since the Republicans are not going to win the GOP house. She bravely said, “No, we would not walk away from our responsibilities for fear of something they may do in the future.”

The midterm elections are going to take place during the latter part of 2022. This is a crucial election after the 2021 election as the Republicans are hoping to win back. However, the Republicans are already passing statements even before their win. 

As reports have confirmed, the 2022 United States midterm elections are going to be held on November 8, 2022. Till then, the war of words between the Democrats and Republicans will continue. Only time can tell if Republican McCarthy can keep his promises.


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