Shaman King Part 3 Confirms Netflix Release Date in New Trailer

The special anime series of Hiroyuki Takei’s original manga series, Shaman King’s season 3 is set to release on 13th January.

Netflix has confirmed the release date and it is expected to bring the original manga to new heights and a more manga-like approach. Fans have been waiting for the third season so they could catch up soon with the new episodes. 

Shaman King: A Brief Introduction

Shaman King is a Japanese manga series that was written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei. The manga series revolves around a character named Yoh Asakura and his journey as he attempts to attain shaman skills.

Shaman skills are required to compete and win Shaman fights and eventually become the Shaman King. The topic of shamanism had never been attempted before and this was one of the main reasons for Takei to explore this site and introduce this to the anime world.

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A television series was aired in 2002 which comprised 64 episodes. A reboot series adaptation is now premiering on different channels including Netflix. Manga is very popular in Japan.

More than 38 million copies have been circulated and both the manga and anime have been featured in the top ten list several times in their respective lists. Shaman King is one of the famous shows in japan which are watched worldwide.

All the comments by publishers and others have had nothing but positive comments on the series.  

Trailer and Release Date

Following the release of Season 2 of the anime last winter, Netflix has announced that the 3rd season of Shaman King will be available to stream from the 13th of January.

The season will be starting with the 26th episode and will run for 11 episodes ending on the 37th one. A few days back, a trailer was released which hyped up the audience and also hinted a little about the stance of the anime and its duration.

The trailer features a preview from Mt. Osore Revisiting arc from the original Japanese manga series which takes place between episodes 30 to 33. The new trailer is available now everywhere.

Shaman King Part 3
Shaman King Part 3

Getting a Step Closer to Lining Up With Japan

The third part of Shaman King premiers on 13th January and likely brings with itself the internationally running 37th and 39th episodes, enabling the worldwide release of the series to catch up with the anime run going on in Japan.

Episode 39 will be released in Japan on the very same day that the previous batch of the series will be released on Netflix. The anime has been delayed due to breaks over holidays as well as the outbreak of the virus and pandemic conditions.

This also means that the ultimate set of episodes which will be the fourth and decisive section of the manga will be a long time coming. 

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Why the Series Is So Popular Among the Fans

This new Shaman King anime has been one of the most interesting ones to see. The anime develops over the year. The fans even compare the anime with Takei’s manga in its entirety.

Takei’s manga was released years after the original anime run came to a truncated end. This Shaman King anime, however, will have to find its unique finale.

Fans will be able to notice a lot more alterations from the original anime and from the response that has been gathered from the trailer, the fans are loving this course of the run. 

All the fans wait patiently as the trailer has increased the hype of the anime. The third season of the anime will link the world with the anime run in Japan and now the world will wait for the 4th season together. 

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