The Fourth Stimulus Check Live Updates: $200 Social Security, $8,000, Child Tax Credit, COLA 2022

Key Headlines:

– Additional Covid-19 stimulus is being considered by Congress in the government spending bill

– In December, the National jobless rate declines to 3.9 percent and this is the lowest rate since the pandemic started

– Build Back Better plan approved by House would limit insulin prices to $35 per month, but uninsured people are excluded.

– COLA 2022 raise would experience the average rise in social security benefit by nearly $92 this year

North Korea Ballistic Missile Test in Last Six Days

–  This month, there will be no direct payment for Child Tax Credit following Congress not succeeded in passing the Build Back Better bill

–  Stimulus payments of up to $8,000 is available to be received by certain families in 2022

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Child Tax Credit

– Will there be any extension in the  Child Tax Credit following the Senate couldn’t pass the Build Back Better bill earlier this month?

Senator Manchin has his opinion on the fate of President Biden’s Build Back Better proposals?

irs fourth stimulus checks
irs fourth stimulus checks

Stimulus Checks

– According to a report, the Boston Bomber did get a stimulus check

– How many stimulus checks were sent out in the past twelve months?

Social Security

– Social Security beneficiaries are in queue for a rise in COLA, but could they also be entitled to claim an additional $200 this month?

– What does the 5.9% COLA increase mean for the recipients of Social Security benefits?

The Tax-filing Season Begins Jan. 24, IRS Says

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