Urusei Yatsura Release Date, Characters, And Plot! Expected Release Date & Updates!

Everyone has had a type of day when nothing seems to go their way at some time. Maybe their vehicle is towed, perhaps they lose their job, or maybe, just perhaps, they are dragged into a game of tag that determines the planet’s destiny and culminates with their unintentional engagement to a cute alien princess.

You’re not alone if that last one has never happened to you. But not so for Ataru Moroboshi, the protagonist of the famous manga “Urusei Yatsura.” He may be the sole person in the universe who unwittingly becomes a victim of this situation.

Fortunately, Ataru’s situation isn’t completely hopeless. After all, his “unfortunate” storey is getting another anime adaptation. Because this isn’t the first adaptation of Rumiko Takahashi’s 1978 manga, we say “once again.”

It already had a programme from 1981 to 1986 and spawned a slew of offshoot OVAs and films, all of which were hugely successful.

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The powers have decided that the series warrants a new version, this time animated by none other than David Production (the same funky kitties that brought us “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”).

So, with that stated, let’s talk about what we know so far about “Urusei Yatsura” release date, characters, and narrative.

When Will Urusei Yatsura Be Released?

According to Anime News Network, news about the new adaptation of “Urusei Yatsura” appeared in the Sankei Shimbun publication on January 1st.

The announcement consisted of more than a single promotional image and some basic details about how the new series will air on Japanese television and when the series’ official website will go up.

The site went up later that night, accompanied by a teaser trailer. The teaser video, now accessible for everyone to see on YouTube, indicated that the series would premiere in 2022.

Unfortunately, neither the clip nor the initial statement in the Sankei Shimbun specified when the programme would premiere in 2022. Fans would most likely have to be patient until the summer or fall to view “Urusei Yatsura.”

It is a reason for celebration for long-standing fans of the series. In terms of foreign syndication, no streaming provider has officially declared that it would carry “Urusei Yatsura.”

However, it’s reasonable to assume that Crunchyroll or Funimation (or both) will make it available to fans outside of Japan on their websites.

Urusei Yatsura
Urusei Yatsura

In Urusei Yatsura, Who Are the Main Characters?

So far, we’ve just addressed Ataru Moroboshi, the protagonist of “Urusei Yatsura,” and there’s a lot more to this story’s hero than meets the eye. Besides being your average high schooler, Ataru is also one of the world’s most passionate males.

Regardless, his extra-terrestrial bride-to-be seemed unconcerned by his perversions and still loves him. Ataru will be voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, according to a second piece from Anime News Network.

The blue-haired Lum is the partner of this hilarious romance anime’s dynamic combo, and she is Ataru’s interplanetary fiancée.

While she is a cheerful and upbeat person, her lack of understanding of human traditions gets her into difficulties when she misinterprets Ataru’s post-tag win shouts as a proposal.

She accepts his unintentional proposal and is now committed to the relationship for the long haul. Sumire Uesaka, an actress, will play her.

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While we can’t say much about what happens later in “Urusei Yatsura,” we can give you a quick rundown of the plot. As previously stated, the programme follows Ataru’s exploits after his unintentional proposal to Lum, an extraterrestrial princess from another world.

Before that proposal, Ataru was merely a pervy high schooler attempting to get his girlfriend to third base (via ANN).

Ataru is picked to represent humanity in the aliens’ customary game of tag when Lum’s species of aliens comes and reveals its plan to conquer Earth by winning a game. Lum, of course, is his adversary.

To encourage Ataru, his girlfriend offers to marry him and, as a result, sleep with him when he wins.

Ataru finally overcomes Lum in their game of tag, and he enthusiastically proclaims his delight at the prospect of marrying. On the other hand, Lum interprets this declaration as a proposition and agrees right away.

Ataru finds himself in various weird scenarios involving ghosts, aliens, and other such entities now that he has an extra-terrestrial for a fiancée.

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