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Fortnite’ Weather and Flare Guns Update: Release Date Status and Time Revealed

In the present world of Tech, Fortnite is among the top games that are being played all over the world. Streamers and gamers are going crazy over the new update that was dropped in January 2022.

Fortnite fans have been waiting for this update since the rumors started to spread, and when the trailer was released, everybody wanted this update as soon as possible.

Battle Royale shooter in chapter 3 of season 1 will be coming with some extraordinary changes. These changes will be changing the whole view of the map.

Well, this update seems to be delayed until next week as the game named invasion introduced its update recently.

Everyone was relying on the date that was released by well-known data miners Shiina and Hypex, who believe that V19.10 might take up to 18th January to get finally updated. It rarely happens that data miners are wrong, but the latest update will be happening on 11th January 2022.

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What Are the New Features That Will Be Added After the Update?

In the past, Fortnite has introduced new features but in players and different sorts of skin, but this time they planned to target the new spot. They brought an update on the weather. Yes, It’s the weather update tornadoes.

We assume lightning is coming as well, and the new flare guns are dropping. Tornadoes take 25 seconds to form and they last for eight minutes. They can move, so they’ll spawn and they won’t just stay in that location.

We will be seeing them rotate around the map for eight minutes. There could be multiple tornadoes at once based on

some gameplay. According to some trailer stuff, lightning storms take eight seconds to form, and they last for three minutes, and they can move as well.

Fortnite’ Weather and Flare Guns Update

Moreover, the cloud will just move and lightning will periodically come out of the cloud. That lightning might strike two to three players at once.

This will probably be damaging the player’s strength up to 10 but may provide speed.

Tornadoes allow you to redeploy and get some insane mobility, but they destroy everything in their path, so it seems that tornadoes now have become a thing to look for instead of avoiding them.

As per the released trailer, quad crashers and cars were flying, so it’s pretty substantial even when it goes down. Lightning, on the other hand, strikes lightning in an area, and if you get in the water, you have a higher chance of getting hit with lightning.

Lighting may strike a player twice, depending upon the location. If a player wants to get struck by lightning, keep himself near the water body or under the cloud.

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Lastly, We have the flare gun update. The purpose of a flare gun is it reveals the enemy nearby upon shooting. This is a pretty cool weapon. Any team playing in pubs might have relatively higher chances of winning if they possess this weapon.

Many streamers claim that this might become one of the essential weapons in the upcoming days after the update. Flare guns may be found in the usual areas like the chest or from the supply dropped from the dragon. You may discover flare guns on the ground as well.

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