Among Us, VR Will Need to Invest in Online Security Features to Be Successful

The Game Awards 2021 provided a lot of world premieres and plentiful confirmations from games such as GTFO that launched soon after to games as far off as Star Wars Eclipse.

One such confirmation was Among Us VR being developed for PSVR, MetaQuest, and Steam VR headsets. The concept appears wonderfully to insight Innersloth’s big break-out hit, but practical things look trickier than that.

Among Us has been around since 2018, but went up in popularity because of the coronavirus pandemic. It was a good way for friends and family to gather together and play a fun party game, leaving multiple players smiling at such a crucial time.

The IP has increased majorly and had several updates, merchandise, and many more in 2021.

The game has also taken into consideration the suggestions from its frequent players and improved safety features, but these are features Among Us VR will be required to include from the beginning.

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Playing Among Us in Public Lobbies Is a Mixed Bag

Coming to having a get-together with friends and family for a fun game of Among Us, at times there won’t be sufficient people for a complete private game. Other times people would prefer to have fun playing the game without having any gathering with a group, and this is where the public lobbies come in handy.

Any count of players can be teamed up randomly to play in a matter of minutes, and though this aids those who may not have sufficient for a long game, it also comes with some unfortunate setbacks.

Gaming may come out to be competitive, and many public lobbies for online multiplayer games have their experience of toxic players.

Among Us is no different as well, with certain players joining games and developing grudges against others for the lamest of reasons or sometimes even for no reason at all.

Whilst Among Us is popular for gathering a nice player base, for mostly each calm lobby there’s another spoiled by a small number of cruel players. None is assured.

Among Us VR
Among Us VR

VR All-but Needs Verbal Communication

The thing due to which Among Us seems different from other party games such as Mario Party is that the latter is regarding picking stars and lowering friends’ probabilities to win in a fantastical environment.

The same could be spoken regarding Among Us, but a significant factor to both crewmates and traitors winning is faith. Among Us shifts players shift against each other by nature, and these things can get intense among friends, much less with strangers.

Many VR multiplayer games tend to waive a chat feature in support of verbal communication. Though this seems sensible as typing in a VR environment can turn out to be an obstacle, this builds up an adverse example for Among Us VR.

In a game where a player’s best friend could turn out as an imposter, things may extend for the adverse rapidly with players’ voices.

For those who join games of Among Us to blame, annoy, and trouble others for an extremely lame reason at all, this could make or break matches in the VR game in no time.

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Though many are utilized to these kinds of circumstances, some aren’t as stated, and the possibility of players screaming at each other and being troubled is high when it comes to the VR version of Among Us.

Nearly everyone has played Innersloth’s game, along with gaming veterans, streamers, and children. Though there are age barriers for kids regarding VR headsets, this won’t essentially prevent younger players from playing.

Though in-game text can be adjusted, changed, and restricted, the same cannot be claimed when it comes to voice controls.

There are a lot of awful things that could be stated to any of Among Us VR’s players no matter their age and the game will be required to include features in place to stop this if it desires to maintain a great experience for all.

In that respect, there’s enough inspiration it can take from the original version of Among Us, like including a pre-set text wheel to accelerate up a text-based chat to retain things civil. We hope that players will be kept in mind by the developer and ensure that everyone remains safe in VR.

As of now, Among Us, VR is under development for PC and PSVR.

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