Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Window Revealed by Star Wars Eclipse Leaker

Hogwarts Legacy, the official Harry Potter game to be released by Warner Bros. Studios, is in the making. Yet, AccNGT has relieved us of the suspense regarding the game’s release date.

AccNGT is an anonymous insider in the world of game development who has exposed news in the past. He has had revealed core details of the game Star Wars Eclipse, making game fans frenzied with excitement.

For fans waiting eagerly to get their hands on the latest PC and console games, such leaked news gives them a clue on what to expect.

This time too, AccNGT and another insider have commented on the release date of the game Hogwarts Legacy. Let’s see what details we have come to know after this latest leak.

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When Will Hogwarts Legacy Be Released?

AccNGT had announced that through his sources, the expected release dates lie in the third quarter  (Q3) of the year 2022. This is backed up by the claims of Sony insider and freelance journalist Tom Henderson, that the timeline for release is going to be Q3 2022.

The open-world action RPG, Hogwarts Legacy has already been lined up for promotions. There is an official video to be screened in the PS5 upcoming event in February 2022. 

This new footage will help promote the game, however, further steps would have to be taken to create the hype. The lack of public response to the 20th anniversary Hogwarts reunion video launched on New Year means that Warner Bros.

Studios will have to up their game. Accordingly, the conglomerate has scheduled the Fantastic Beasts movie release before the game’s release to get the best marketing benefits.

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy

Why the Delay for Hogwarts Legacy?

The game was announced in September 2020 but due to some reasons, the project got delayed from its expected release date in 2021 to 2022. However, fans should not worry as the game is going towards its completion. Only some minor coding is left to be done.

Avalanche Studios-the Game Development Company Acquired by Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy is the brainchild of Warner Bros. Studios who acquired Avalanche Studios back in 2017 to further their gains in the gaming industry. Avalanche Studios was previously owned by Disney, who bought it from the founders.

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Disney had used the studio to develop toys-to-life series of games, the ‘Disney Infinity’ series. When production costs became too hefty for the company to bear, coupled with a low market sale of Disney Infinity products, Disney decided to close down Avalanche Studios. 

Many of the employees shifted to CastAR company, yet in 2017 Warner Bros. bought out the studio and placed the founder back as the CEO of the studio. Avalanche Studios have a great portfolio of game development,  which compelled Warner Bros. to buy and open up the studios back again.

For the Warner Bros. Conglomerate, Avalanche Studios have already developed a game known as Cars 3. It will be interesting to see how the studio develops Hogwarts Legacy, and whether it will whet the appetite of Potterheads all around the globe.

More Games in the Making

Warner Bros. is all set to launch a whole bunch of games this year. Already, the lineup is making us drool over. Our craving for new games is being satiated with the launch of 3 Warner Bros. games in total.

Firstly, the game Gotham Knights expected in spring 2022 will be a treat to play. Then Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be released after some time has elapsed, making sure that sales of Gotham Knights do not get affected.

Then lastly, the single and multiplayer RPG Hogwarts Legacy will be unveiled before the gaming world for which all Potterheads are excited.

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