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Valorant Episode 4 Release Date, Battle Pass, and New Agent Neon

Valorant Episode 4

Valorant Episode 4

A new addition in the tech world is going to happen as this month Valorant episode 4 is going to release as per the data released by data miners.

What Is Valorant Why It Is So Popular?

Nail-biting bomb plants and a game consisting of fire headshots and magical flicks of the wrist are the tenets of valorant. The only closed beta currently is its ve5 tactical hero shooter.

But the absolute impeccable implementation of its superpowered cast and the superb gunplay and competitively tailored art style expresses that League of Legends developer riot has brought something extraordinary.

The learning curve is quite tough as you’d expect as it is said that it is quite similar to the strategy of Counter-Strike. But once you start to play it fluently it’s already hard to put Valorant down.

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What’s the Hype of Valorant Episode 4 About?

Apart from the new bundle the new battle pass coming along with neon’s release and euros rework looming on the horizon we’ve got some in-game changes ranked, as well as some weapon and map changes so let’s not waste any more time jumping right into it.

For our first ranked update of the year, we are getting some new changes to the rank requirements for new accounts instead of the old system where you needed 10 wins to play ranked you now instead need your account to be level 20 to play ranked this seems like a direct response to the smurf account problem we currently have going on.

A lot of players have complained that smurfs have been ruining the ranked experience. We may not have the answer to stop this problem completely as it is hard to get a true grip but this seems like a nice response to make it harder to get newer accounts from being ranked quickly.

It will also help newer players because forcing them to play more on-rated games to level up their account more will help them get the experience they need before jumping into the ultra-competitive world of rank play where the vibe is more serious and sometimes toxic.

First off the specter has been nerfed in regards to shooting at long ranges. The specter has

been the poster boy for running and gunning issues in valor for quite some time. Now while these range changes don’t help with curbing any of that, this change at least forces it to be good.

Moreover, the neons are expected to bring new abilities to the game which include high gear, relay bolt, and fast lane.

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When the episode 4 of Valorant will be live?

The new chapter of Valorant is going to be released in January with the name of Disruption. Although its release date was rumored to be a little earlier it is now officially announced that finally, it will come out on the 11th of January. 

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